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It's NEVER Too Late To Change Career!

5 Reasons Why It Is NEVER Too Late For You To Switch Careers

The phrases ‘I’m too old for that’ or ‘It’s too late now’ are ones that are all too often uttered by people of all ages and at various stages in life when it comes to a lot of things. One of the hardest changes for people to make, and therefore one of the main reasons for such phrases being uttered, is career change. It’s always the same excuse, age, whether uttered by women in their late 20s who are cautious about their biological clock ticking away to people in their late 50s who think retirement is only another 10 years away so why bother changing now? The truth is, it’s NEVER too late unless you allow it to be. So here’s 5 reasons to get back on that horse...

1. Experience Adds Value

You may believe that every employer wants to hire the young whippersnapper straight out of university who has all the book smarts but no life experience. Well you would be wrong. The reason there are so many unemployed young graduates out there with a ton of university debts is because they don’t have any real working experience.

The amount of young people that go through college and university without even so much as a part time job because the Government/their parents fund them so they can ‘focus on studying’ (drink it away more like) is having a detrimental effect on their employability. Without any real life work experience these graduates are all just a bunch of toffee nosed degree waving twits.

No one is saying that qualifications are a bad thing, in fact some realistic career training (see some of our professional training courses for example) can only stand you in even better stead. But experience counts for a lot too, so if you have bags of it, back it up with some career training and the job market is your oyster.

2. We Are Aging Slower

The fact is we are gradually living a lot longer and this is because we are leading more healthy lifestyles. We are much fitter in our 60s and 70s than ever before, and employers are recognising that a lot of us actually want to carry on working while ever we are able rather than waste away and die of boredom in retirement. And those employers are creating new opportunities for this older workforce, so age can no longer be a barrier.

3. The Right Attitude Goes A Long Way

If you believe you can achieve something, then pretty much anything (within reason of course) is possible. It’s all about attitude. These multi-millionaires running hundreds of different companies with thousand strong teams didn’t sit there thinking ‘nah, I think it’s too late now’. They went out there with the attitude that they could do it and with the hard work required they achieved it. Positivity can work wonders, and although there will be hard work involved when you do decide to make a career change, the right attitude will lighten the load and drive you forward when the going inevitably gets tough.

4.�Flexible Contracts Are The Norm

If you are letting life commitments such as children be the reason for not making a career change, then there are contracts made for parents who are easing their way back into work or need specific working hours to fit around childcare, or for anyone else with other important life commitments. More employers recognise that life isn’t 9-5 or straightforward, and they are willing to work with you to create individual contracts that work for you. In fact, there are few people that remain on a contract that ISN’T flexible or personalised any more. Employers are people too you know, give them some credit for understanding, and they will work with you as best they can.

5. It’s What You Know About Who You Know

You may not realise it, but along the way in life you have already met people who could help you advance in your career. They saying it’s not what you know, but who you know is true, but actually its what you know ABOUT who you know. Don’t be afraid to get your address book out and start putting yourself out there, calling in favours, getting advice from people in the industry, or even just getting some well needed support in your venture from friends who have been there. And when you have exhausted your current contacts, get out there and make some more. Attend networking groups and meetings of like minded people in your area. You’re confidence will soon grow along with your network.

Still think it’s too late? The only person who can make that statement true or false is yourself and your own will. If you want something enough, nothing will stand in your way. Careers aren’t just about going and earning a wage, they are something that you do for 80% or more of your week, month, and year, so why shouldn’t you be doing something you enjoy and have a passion for? It’s easier to put hurdles in your way, but it’s much more fulfilling to overcome them.


Maria Lalor


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