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Women: How to Take Charge of Your Career Progressi


Women: How to Take Charge of Your Career Progression

According to a recent survey by Head and Shoulders, 50% of women let lack of confidence in the workplace hinder their progression, and feel if they were more confident they would be at a higher senior level in their career right now.

This worrying statistic reflects the sad but true picture of the corporate ladder. Despite the huge steps taken over the decades to bring women equal to men, there is still an underlying feeling of the corporate workplace being the male’s domain and that women will always have to work twice as hard to get noticed, and for less pay than their supposed ‘equals’, the men.

The survey also highlighted that 24% of women lack don’t feel confident enough to highlight their strengths or examples of outstanding work by themselves, and 17% lacked the confidence to seek promotions or pay rises when they weren’t already offered.

Our Career Is In Our Hands

The truth is, despite the fact that some workplaces are still very male dominated and we are still fighting to be truly ‘equal’ to the opposite sex, the only person who can really hold us back is ourselves. Confidence can be a strong and driving emotion, and a lack of it can be equally powerful. It’s time to take charge of our own careers, and the best way to do that is to gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

3 Top Tips For Boosting Career Confidence

1.       Consider your strengths and achievements.

Take some time out to really consider your strengths, examples of where you have excelled and overcome challenges, where you have turned your weaknesses into strengths and anything else that makes you feel confident in your own abilities. This can be helpful if you are already in a career and wanting to progress, or even if you are returning to work after a long period off. Be completely honest with yourself and don’t be scared to boast. Recognising your strengths and achievements is not about being big headed, its about helping you gain confidence in your ability to progress and your right to that promotion!

2.       Refresh Your Skills

One of the biggest worries for women returning to work or entering a new career is their skills being rusty or not having enough skills to excel. This can be one of the biggest drains on confidence, and the truth is you may already have those skills ready to be sharpened, but your lack of confidence is clouding your thoughts. To ensure you feel your skill set is fresh and full to the brim ready to tackle that new position, why not take a career training course? These courses are designed to teach and sharpen your practical skills that will come into play in specific fields as well as giving you transferrable skill sets that appeal to a range of employers. They look great on your CV as they show employers exactly what you are capable of, and they give you the confidence to know you have the skills for the task at hand. Browse our wide range of career training courses by clicking here.

3.       Make-over Your Working Wardrobe

An astounding 92% of women admitted their biggest work anxiety related to their appearance. This makes sense, as appearance can have an impact on how we are perceived, first impressions count as do many impressions after that! So it’s important that we work our appearance to our advantage. There are so many tailored ranges and office friendly collections available to us now, it is easy to go out and create a working wardrobe that works for us! Dressing in clothing that makes you look good and feel good will largely boost your confidence and behaviour in the workplace. So go out there and get shopping!

There are lots more little ways we can boost our confidence, we just need to have a little self belief and pride and it will take us a long way in our careers. Don’t be afraid to stand up and be counted with the men, and don’t feel like you should work twice as hard to get noticed for that promotion. When you know you deserve it, you go ask for it, and I bet you will find you are taken a lot more seriously because of it.


Maria Lalor

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