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How To Stay Ahead in the Job Market


How To Stay Ahead in the Job Market


When looking for a job, it is easy to lose confidence and become disheartened if you don’t hear back from any applications, but it is important to keep trying. The following are some tips on how to boost your chances and stay positive while competing in the job market.

Keep Training

Make sure you stay up to date with all your achievements and experience and remember to keep a record. If you haven’t completed any training recently, take a look at the range of
courses offered here at Pitman Training Swords. Doing some training will not only boost your skill set but will demonstrate passion in and commitment to your career,  which are both attractive qualities to employers. You could also ask your current employer about any training schemes or on-the-job qualifications; not only will it enhance your CV but it will show your commitment to your job.

Play the Game

Many employers now check out your online presence before even meeting you, so make sure they like what they see. That isn’t to say every status update or tweet should be of your love for writing up reports, but neither should you only publicly post awkward drunken photos every other night.

So why not take it a step further and use this to your advantage? Perhaps contribute to relevant discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn which show your professionalism and interest in a more realistic manner than a status celebrating the Monday morning commute to work.

Stay Confident…

We all know that confidence is key when it comes to job hunting, especially when it comes to an interview, yet we all also know that it is easier said than done. A US survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 92% adults were stressed by at least one part of the job interview process. The survey also found that the biggest concern was being nervous during the interview – here it is again, the majority of us are nervous about being nervous, which of course is nonsensical.

… By Power Posing!

Research from Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy has supported her idea that body language influences not only other’s perception of ourselves, but also how we see us, too. Her research has shown that 120 seconds stood in the ‘power pose’, which is arms up high and out with a lifted chin, is enough for the body to create a 20% increase in testosterone and a 25% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. So before the interview, stand for 2 minutes with your arms and chin raised high, and give yourself a quick boost to beat the interview jitters.


Maria Lalor

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