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The Most In Demand Skills in the 2014 Job Market


The Most In Demand Skills in the 2014 Job Market

With jobs on the rise and reports firmly reassuring us that the 2014 job market is in the candidates’ favour, there has never been a better time to be considering a career change. And with skills shortages in many areas, candidates willing to consider retraining or those who brush up on the currently in demand skills will not only help the country to plug ever growing skills gaps, but will also have the best leverage when it comes to gaining promotions, pay rises and entirely new opportunities in their chosen sector. So to help determine what skills are going to boost your employability this year, we take a look at what the most in demand skills are in the 2014 job market.

Web Development Skills

Knowing coding and programming languages is one of the most in demand skills in an ever increasingly digital world. More companies year on year discover that even a simple website is a necessity, and that keeping it fresh and changing is essential, with mobile and tablet devices playing a big part in how websites are now created. There is also a growing popularity in app development as a second option for keeping up with the increasingly mobile/tablet focused generations.

HTML is one of the most popular languages used to code websites, with Java and .Net also playing important roles. But even having basic HTML knowledge and ability to put this into practice is an increasingly desirable trait, and in the digital job market can be the make or break factor standing between you and your dream job. Our introduction to HTML course is a great way for even absolute beginners to become skilled and knowledgeable in the sought after skill of web development, and increase their employability and value in the eyes of employers.

Social Media Skills

Social media’s use for business purposes has sky rocketed over the last decade, and therefore so has the demand for people who understand and can utilise its features to drive businesses forward in the digital age. From generating sales and leads to implementing wider brand awareness strategies using the power of social media, businesses want someone who make sense of the digital resources at hand and can make their goals happen through well planned strategies. Being able to boast this skill would open up various digital career opportunities and would increase chances of progression within companies. Find out more about our social media for business course and make yourself stand out in the digital job market. 

IT Support Skills

As technology progresses at an astounding rate, the skills gap in the IT industry grows larger. There is a huge demand for skilled IT professionals in a number of job roles across the IT industry, particularly in technical support roles. Gaining new IT support skills would open up a wealth of new opportunities within the industry, and with the lack of talent currently pressuring employers, there are plenty of rewards, incentives and pay increases on the cards for anyone with the right skills and knowledge. Find out about our various Technical IT focused courses and what opportunities they could open up for you.

In the 2014 job market, it is clear that the candidates with the upper hand are those with valuable skills, helping them to leverage promotions and positions with better pay and benefits than previously. There has never been a better time to be retraining in old skills or gaining new ones, and discovering the opportunities that career training can open up for you. Find out more about all our career training courses here.


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