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Top Employment Sectors for Ireland In 2014


Top Employment Sectors for Ireland In 2014

As there are reports of 2014 job market being very much in the candidates’ favour, with jobs in many sectors seeing a significant rise compared with previous years, there is no better time to be considering your next career move. To help those considering a career move, we take a look at the Irish sectors with the most promise in 2014:


The economy is on the up, which means more and more businesses are in need of financial services, whether that be through outsourcing professional firms or opening their doors to new in house financial specialists. Either way, job opportunities are on the rise because of this, and in particular jobs revolving around accounting and book keeping are becoming available. Career training is a must to qualify for work in this industry, with Payroll and Sage accounts being the most desired skills. Take a look at some of the accounting and book keeping courses available.


There has been a growth over the last decade in the technologies available to us and business’s reliance up it, which has given way to a whole range of new jobs and specialisms within the marketing industry, particularly focusing around digital marketing. Most marketing and digital marketing roles require you to be well rounded with skills in various digital areas, such as having basic HTML and web design knowledge and being able to utilise email programmes for marketing purposes. There are also more specific roles now cropping up, particularly focusing on social media marketingTake at look at the various career training courses on offer to boost your employability in the marketing sector.

Communications and PR (Media)

As many businesses, both new and old, start to see a rise in their profits again, they are starting to open up to the idea of increasing spends on promoting their company, which is great not only for the marketing sector, but also for the communications and PR sector. More PR and comms positions are opening up, although many companies are now looking to combine the role of marketing managers and PR/comms managers to create a new breed of ‘media managers’ who will have the combined responsibility of overseeing all promotional activity. So if your interests lie in the PR/comms sector, then gaining some additional skills in marketing could be just the boost you need to land the job of your dreams. Take a look at what career training courses we offer to increase your skills and flexibility in the media sectors.

IT and Technology

As mentioned before, the sheer amount of technologies at our disposal have grown rapidly over the past decade, and what technology can do for us has evolved at an equally impressive rate. So it comes as no surprise that with our reliance on technology continuing to increase, there are more and more new and fresh roles cropping up, as well as new opportunities within more familiar existing roles. Development and creative roles such as web design, app design, software and hardware engineering, and more support based roles are all on the rise in this sector, and so there is no better time to be considering brushing up on your IT skills and getting to grip with new technologies to help boost your career. Take a look at the IT and Tech related career training courses we have to offer.

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