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Five Of Our Students Now Have New Jobs!


Five Of Our Career Training Students Now Have New Jobs! Find Out How We Helped Them

It’s a proud moment for us all at Pitman Training Swords when our training and support helps someone progress in their career or make that big change that they always wanted but never dreamed could become a reality.

Since January we have had five of our students contact us to express their joy at getting the jobs they wanted, thanks to the career training they undertook with us. Each person had very different motives for seeking a career change and the varied training they received through us has helped them all to achieve their own personal career goals today.

Suzanne wanted to get back to work after staying at home with her young children, and as many mums looking to return to employment after staying home with children find, it is a scary and daunting prospect and knowing where to start is half the battle. Suzanne undertook the Medical Secretary Diploma with us, and is now proud to announce she has a new job as a Medical Secretary and is excited to not only be back at work but have a new career ahead of her.

Kim, after leaving her previous career due to redundancy, took the opportunity to have a fresh start and studied the Executive PA Diploma. After the arrival of her baby she decided to return to work and put her new skills to work. She now has a brand new career as an Administrative assistant after training as an Executive PA with Pitman Training Swords.

Jackie went through various jobs not really finding any joy in any of them before she decided to take matters into her own hands and gain the training she needed to start her dream career as a Legal Secretary. After taking the Legal Secretary Diploma with us, Jackie is now excited to be starting her new job!

Nicola worked in the Hotel sector, which she really enjoyed but hated the irregular hours. After studying the Secretarial Diploma she now works as an Office Administrator.

Leanne also gained a job as an Office Administrator by taking the Secretarial Diploma, after graduating from university with a change of heart regarding what she wanted to do. She had no previous office experience or skills, but the Secretarial Diploma taught her everything she needed to know to gain her first job in Administration.

We wish these and all our other students the best of look in their careers, and are happy to have helped people realise their career dreams. If you want to make a career change, don’t keep putting it off, get in touch with us today and become one of the many student success stories that we are so proud to share.

Maria Lalor


Pitman Training Swords

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