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Job Search Trends in 2014


 Job Search Trends in 2014

You may have found that the way we search for jobs and the way that employers recruit for vacancies has evolved. In 2014, we no longer scan the newspaper job sections, and simply walk into various businesses to gather contact details and handing in CVs. Even simple job listing websites have become a somewhat old fashioned approach to job searching. So in this new, tech savvy age, how do you go about finding the job for you?

We have examined the way the job search has evolved and the impact of modern technology to bring you the top trends in job hunting in 2014:


Digital CVs Make Paper Versions Obsolete

No more finger crossing, hoping your CV doesn’t get overlooked in a pile that on the face of it are all identical.  Everything to do with your job search is now in digital form, giving the candidate the chance to experiment with attention grabbing formats and designs that will ensure they hold the employers’ interest from the outset.

This means that paper and Word document formats, even pretty PDFs are a thing of the past, and what employers really want is an interactive, visually pleasing digital display of your personality and viability as a person.

Digital CVs can come in all sorts of formats, from creative blogs and websites to sharable mobile apps and innovative infographics. The various ways in which people can present their experience and qualifications are endless, and even the medium chosen allows little hints of the person behind the CV to shine through, making it much easier for employers to get a feel for candidates at an early stage.


Social Media Is The New Job Site

The job websites are a thing of the past, making way for a new age of job search that focuses the use of social media to scan a much wider range of quality opportunities in one place.

LinkedIn has for a long time been used as a portal for employers and candidates to find each other and for positions to be filled with high quality talent, but now Twitter has become an equally important source for job seekers, as hashtags now play a vital role in job searches.

The use of hashtags by recruitment companies and businesses alike to get their job out there to the target audience means that job seekers have a wealth of listings for vacancies categorised by sector, location, and skills.


Your Digital Footprint Will Impact Your Employability

Your online presence, also known as your ‘digital footprint’, has long seen begun to creep into the light as a way for employers to better get to know the candidate during the decision making process. This used to be quite a secret, under the table method, but in 2014 more employers than ever are openly taking to using the method when short –listing for vacancies.

Therefore, it has never been more vital to your employability that you be wary of what you post on social media channels, blogs and even forums, as anything linked to your name that you wouldn’t want an employer to see could be discovered and impact on your employability.


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