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Fastest Typist in the North Dublin- 2014


Have You Got The Fastest Typing Finger In The North? Prove It and You Could WIN a Tablet


Here at Pitman Training Swords we pride ourselves on training future secretaries and administration staff to reach be able to type at speeds between 30 and 50+ words per minute!


It’s quite an achievement to reach such impressive typing speeds, which is why we are holding our 2014 ‘Fastest Typist in The North’ competition, to recognise and reward the person able to type the fastest in all of North County Dublin!


The winner will be awarded a certificate to commemorate their achievement in addition to a Tablet computer (to practice their touch screen typing skills!). The competition can be entered between Monday 7th April until Friday 9th May 2014 at our training centre on North Street, Swords, and the winner will be announced on 13th May 2014.


Need Some Inspiration?

Our 2012 typing competition winner blew us away by reaching an impressive 70+ words per minute. You couldn’t see the keyboard for dust!


And the current record for the fastest typist of the English language in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is held by Barbara Blackburn, who set the record in 2005 by typing 150 words per minute for 50 minutes. Could the new world champion hail from our very own North Dublin region?  We’ll have to wait and see!


Now we aren’t expecting you to go reaching those shotgun speeds to win our competition, so why not come along and have a go if you think you’re fast enough or just want to see what speeds you can reach? It’s a fun way to test your typing skills and maybe even win a prize! So come on down and give it a go!


If you would like to know more about the competition terms and conditions and how to enter log onto www.PitmanTrainingSwords.ie, give us a call on 01 840 4075 or drop into our local training centre on North Street, Swords.



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