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How to Create A Digital CV


How to Create A Digital CV


In the age of digital, simply having a paper copy of your CV isn’t enough anymore. Now before you get too hasty, we aren’t saying that your paper CV is obsolete, far from it! But in recent years there has been a steep rise in the number of employers and recruiters who are looking online when it comes to sourcing the right candidate for their job opening.


So with being online becoming an important part of the employment process, the questions remains, how do you create a digital CV? Here’s some great free tools and expert tips on creating a digital version of your CV:


Creating Your CV Online

One of the key things to remember when creating a CV for online is that attention spans of people online are much shorter than if they were reading a physical document in front of them. Therefore, having a visually attractive and attention grabbing online CV is a great way to ensure you attract employers when applying for jobs.


If you imagine, as an employer or recruiter, you will be looking at hundreds of candidates on a daily basis, meaning a CV needs to really catch their attention to stand out from the pile.


VisualCV is a great, free tool that allows you to create a digital version of your CV, containing all the information typically included plus attention grabbing aspects such as images, video, audio, graphs and Powerpoint files to liven up the information you are offering.


Once created, the visual CV acts as a webpage in itself, that you can then share with employers by simply sending a link. The CV can be converted into PDF format for printing/sending, and you can easily update any of the information or attachments on the online page at any time.


Tips For Getting The Most From Your Digital CV

As to what aspects you should be focusing on when optimising it, the clue is in the name, ‘digital CV’. Because having an online CV allows you to add multimedia files, whereas a standard CV is a simple text document, you should make the most of these additional features when optimising your digital CV. Here’s some top tips on how to make the most of the multimedia capabilities:


  • Make a video introducing yourself. Instead of the traditional personal statement section of your CV, where you outline a bit about your personality and hobbies/interests, skills, etc., why not record a short video where you tell the employer all this information with the added personal touch of saying it yourself. People make connections with other people, and videos are a great way to establish that personal connection. 
  • Have a professional, welcoming image. Going back to what we said about personal connections, having a welcoming and smiling professional head shot of yourself in the top left corner of your digital CV will immediately help to establish that connection, as the top left corner of the page is the first place anyone looks.
  • Liven up the information with graphs and visual slides. If you want to demonstrate anything, from a particularly exciting achievement at work to a run through of your education/experience and skill set, make it more attractive to the eye by using colourful and visually pleasing graphs and Powerpoint files, and even add an audio commentary to guide the employer through the slides and keep their attention focused on what you want them to notice.

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