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Putting Things Off

Decisions can be hard to make - it's the fear of doing wrong. If you are trying to decide whether or not to do some training the question is better WHERE to train rather than whether to. The job market is so competitive now that you need to do whatever you can to improve your chances in the workplace. People with up-to-date qualifications are more likely to get interviews, less likely to be made redundant and less stressed at work because they have the skills to cope with their jobs.

There are a few reasons people choose not to start training courses:

Fear of taking on too much
Very valid point. That's why we like the flexibility of our training. If you have a bad few weeks - e.g. a heavy cold, family issues, hectic work schedule - attending a college course can just add to the problems. With our flexible training you can scale it back while things are difficult and do more when things are easier. Our students tell us that the centre is something of an oasis for them and they enjoy coming in even when they are under stress elsewhere.

Fear of getting into debt
With ever-increasing food and fuel prices many people are worried about debt. IT skills and up-to-date office and business qualifications will not only help you get a job, they could help you keep your job when redundancies are threatened.
The  newspapers are full of job losses and redundancies. Arming yourself is vital. HR Managers looking at which employees to let go are more likely to keep those with up-to-date qualifications – not only because they are more useful but because they don’t need extra training.
The cost of a course with us is far outweighed by the increased earning potential it gives the person.
For example, a lady did €660-worth of Pitman courses. Before she did them she was earning €6.86ph. After she qualified she applied for a new job and got it - earning €9.15ph. €2.29ph more doesn't sound much but on a full-time job of 35 hours per week, that's €80.15pw more, €4,167 extra per year ... every year! €660 was a very good investment. With bank interest at 0.5% it would take a couple of centuries to get that sort of return!

Just not being able to make the decision
People are more motivated by moving away from bad stuff than moving towards good stuff. If you burn yourself on the cooker, you move your hand away from it pretty quickly. But you don't necessarily move towards a good thing such as a training course that will increase your earning potential because the pain of not doing the course isn't strong enough.

So it can help to look at the reasons why you thought about training in the first place and see if they are still there. Focusing on the 'pain', whatever it is, can help you make the decision to change and make things better. If the pain isn't there then you may not have enough motivation to do a course at the moment.

What If ...
What if the lady above had not done the courses with us? At €6.86ph she was earning €12,485pa. At €9.15ph she was earning €16,653pa. Over 20 years she will have earned €333,060 on her new wage, an increase of €83,356 over her old wage (and that's not even including wage rises over the years). All for an investment of just €660!

What if she had done one of our finance diplomas? Finance staff usually start on at least €10ph, so she would have increased straightaway to €18,200pa - €364,000 over 20 years. All for an investment of under €4,000.

Or she could have done our top-of-the-range Executive Plus course, which would enable her to work at Management level. That would earn her a minimum of €17ph, or €30,940 pa. That's an extra €369,096 over 20 years (€618,800 in total) - all for just a €6,288 investment.

But what if she had waited? This particular lady joined in the summer, if she had waited 6 months until after Christmas she would have lost €2,081. That's the amount of extra money she could have earned in 6 months with her new qualifications.

If she waited to start Management qualifications she would lose €9,364 for 6 months' indecision.

What is indecision costing you?! Don't take our word for it. Look at job ads and online job sites. See what qualifications they are asking for and what you could be earning.

Wow, this is big – we’re off to study something!

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