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Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mum: Excuses For Not Going Back To Work and How Top Overcome Them!

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mum: Excuses For Not Going Back To Work and How Top Overcome Them!

Are you serial ‘gonna doer’ who never actually gets around to what they intended to do, especially when it comes to your career? Whether you have been off on maternity leave or just took a career break to be a stay-at-home mum, it’s easy to get bogged down in excuse after excuse to hide the fact that you are anxious about returning to work.

It’s completely normal, every mum has been there! But the longer you put it off, the harder it will become, so it’s time to throw away your excuses and become proactive in starting the new chapter in your career.

Excuse #1: “The kids are off school...”

Whether it’s a half term break or the full summer holiday, having children on holiday from school can wreak havoc with routines, and mean the job search gets put on hold.

It’s understandable that you may not want to start a new job during this period, but that shouldn’t stop you preparing for when they return to school. Get your CV in order, start applying for positions that don’t require filling immediately and start warming up ready for when they kids go back!

Excuse #2: “The kids are back at school...”

On the flip side of excuse number 1, there is always this one. Kids going back to school means having to arrange school runs and prepare tea for when they return, etc, etc. But the truth is, it’s always going to be one of the other. The kids will always either need to have arrangements made for going to school, or childcare arrangements when they are on holiday, so this can’t be used as an excuse for not returning to work.

Excuse #3: “My skills/knowledge are a bit rusty...”

Whether you’ve been off work for a year, or ten(!), you can’t expect to walk back into the job and carry on as if returning after a long weekend. You have been out of the game, and so your skills and knowledge of the job will be rusty. It’s advisable to gain some career training; it’s a great way to refresh your CV and sharpen your skills, giving you the renewed confidence in your abilities, so you can walk straight into the new job ready to begin for day one.

Excuse #4: “I want to change career but it’s too late to retrain/gain new qualifications...”

It is NEVER too late to retrain or gain new skills and start a fresh career. You don’t have to take lengthy university courses to gain qualifications or even start from scratch in an entry level job in order to retrain and gain new career skills. Pitman Training Diplomas can allow you to gain both the practical skills and academic knowledge needed to walk straight into a mid-high level position in your chosen field in as little as 12 weeks, with a recognisable career qualification to show for it as well!

So now you see, the excuses you were making were just a shield to hide behind, to protect you from the scary but exciting world of work. But why keep hiding? It’s much easier to get back into work than you realise, and you have the prospect of an exciting new career step ahead of you, whichever path you choose.

To find out more about Pitman Training Diplomas and how career training can benefit your return to work, give us a call on 01 8404075, email� swords@pitman-training.net, or you can drop in to our centre on North Street, Swords where our friendly careers advice team would be happy to chat with you.

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