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5 Jobs That Didn't Exist Before The Internet!

5 Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before The Internet!


Yes, that’s right, there was a time where we existed without the internet! Easy to forget, isn’t it? We have become so reliant on technology and the internet that you wouldn’t think as little as 15 years ago not every home had a computer.

More surprising still is the realisation that many of the jobs we see advertised today have not even been around for a decade, some even being developed in the last 5 years! We take a look at 5 jobs that weren’t around before the internet, and realise how fast technology really does take over!

1.The Virtual Assistant

Before computers and the internet, administrative positions were very different to how we see them today! Typewriters, physical filing and whole buildings dedicated to endless amounts of paperwork were the daily norms for a pre-digital secretary or PA.

Now, not only have administrate roles changed considerably, but there has also been a whole new role created based on the now advanced technologies. The virtual assistant has the flexibility to work remotely from home or another office location, using the internet, video and conference calling and cloud computing to allow them to communicate with their colleagues and manager as normal.

2.The Social Media Manager/Marketer

Without the internet, there was no social media! And even when the first social networks, the likes of Friendster and MySpace, were launched in the 1990s there was no draw for businesses to be on there.

Now all that has changed. In 2009, Facebook secured it’s place as the most popular social network in existence and hasn’t been budged from the top spot so far. In addition, Twitter has grown rapidly since its launch in 2006 and LinkedIn has always been seen as an excellent networking tool for professionals.

Companies can no longer ignore those stats, and over the past 5 or so years the demand for social media related job roles to be filled has grown at a rapid speed.

3.The Website Designer/Developer

No internet, no websites! Even when the website was first developed in 1990, it took a while to catch on and the first website wasn’t created until 1991. Websites as we know them however have been developed over the past 20 years, so the first website was nothing like what we know a website to be today!

Now websites are a staple of society. Every business/organisation has to have them, plus there are websites for every conceivable need. Not only that, they constantly need to be updated to keep with the times, which is why web design skills are now highly valuable ones to have!

4.The App Developer

Can’t remember life without your smartphone? Well you may be surprised to find out that iPhones were not introduced until 2007, with Androids following shortly after!

Since 2007 (that’s just 8 years ago!), the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play store have between them listed over 1 million different apps, free and paid, for mobile users to download. And the demand only continues to increase, as does the demand for skilled developers who can create engaging apps.

5.Bloggers/Content Managers

Before the internet, there were no blogs or websites to share content online, and no search engines to be catalogued by or users to find what you wrote valuable. The only content we consumed was through newspapers and billboard advertisements!

Now, blogging is one of the biggest content forms read by the population on a daily basis. Thanks to social media and search engines, we can publish content that will be seen by hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of internet users on a regular basis. No wonder companies created a whole new job role to manage their blogs and content when the reward can be so great!


It’s amazing to think about life before the internet and how technology has impacted our lives in such a short time. It makes you wonder, what technologies will we be using 10 years from now? And what new jobs will technology open up for us next?

Do you work in a position that didn’t exist 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago? Tweet us @PitmanSwords!


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