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Want Job Security and a Pay Rise? Then You Need To Be Indispensible...

Want Job Security and a Pay Rise? Then You Need To Be Indispensible...

Do you want job security, a salary raise and overall career happiness? Then you need to make yourself a vital member of the team! In an economic climate where jobs still aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be, your career fate is in your employer’s hands as much as your own.

Being indispensible doesn’t just mean that when the axe swings you won’t be getting the chop. It also has benefits such as increased job satisfaction and increased pay! So how can you become an indispensible employee?

Help To Make Your Manager’s Job Easier

The manager isn’t just the person who bosses you about. They have their own highly stressful workload to deal with on top of managing the team. Help take the pressure off by going above and beyond what’s expected of you whenever you can, such as offering to take on extra work or asking if there is anything else you can do to help them out. Reduce your manager’s stress levels is a sure fire way to become indispensible!

Specialise In Something

Although having the skills to adapt to multiple roles around the office is a requirement in many administrative positions, it won’t always save you when push comes to shove. What will make you indispensible is being the only one to specialise in something, meaning your skills are needed for that particular task or role to be fulfilled. The best area to specialise in is something you enjoy and have a natural talent for. You can then master this area through career training and qualifications, making you a vital member of the team for your specialist knowledge and skills!

Make The Most Of Your Working Day

The average commute to work is 30 minutes and the majority of us spend it listening to music or reading a magazine or just daydreaming. What an indispensible employee uses it for is to get into work mode, planning how they can make every minute of their hours at work count and what they plan to achieve by the end of the day. Starting to get the cogs turning and thinking about work while getting ready and commuting in the morning will save the usual hour or so of ‘warming up’ time when you actually arrive at the office. Being ready to go on arrival will increase your productivity and give you more sense of achievement on a daily basis. 

Don’t Keep Quiet, Share Ideas

Do you often have ideas that could benefit the company? We all do! But the problem is, many of us are too shy to say or lack the confidence in our ideas. Those who do share their ideas though, even if they don’t end up getting used all the time, are viewed as more valuable by management. There’s no such thing as a stupid idea and if you speak up in meetings or just pop your head round your boss’s door to tell them a quick thought, you are putting yourself on their radar.

Keep Up To Date With Your Industry

No matter what industry, there will always be new trends to look out for, and the more you know about these the better. Understanding how your industry runs and any trends will improve the way you perform in the industry and will help fuel new ideas to make the previous point happen more often!  Look out for key industry magazines, news pages and blogs, and make a point of taking just half an hour out each week or even 10 minutes a day to browse them and get up to date.

Build Trust and Loyalty

This may seem like an obvious point, but having a trusting and loyal relationship with your boss will increase your value to them. This can be done by ensuring you are always on time arriving to work, you continuously meet deadlines and showing you can keep secrets when they divulge confidential information.   

Don’t Be A Trouble Maker

Often people assume that knocking other people down by highlighting their faults will gain them some leverage with their manager. This isn’t true, in fact it can have the opposite effect! If your manager sees you as trying to put others down it will have a negative impact on your relationship and will put you in the firing line when things get tough. They don’t want someone who doesn’t understand the ethics of working in a team, they want someone who will help to boost confidence and support their colleagues.

Becoming an indispensible employee isn’t that difficult and it can reap plenty of rewards. Taking the time and making the effort go above and beyond your job description will not go unnoticed by management, and when push comes to shove you can be sure that your job will be safe. And when appraisals come around, asking for a pay rise wouldn’t be a bad idea either!


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