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Top Tips For Tackling Job Interview Nerves

Top Tips For Tackling Job Interview Nerves


No matter how confident you are as a person, job interview nerves can easily get the best of you and in some cases result in you not getting the job.

A little nerves aren’t a bad thing, but if your job interview nerves are getting the best of you then we have some top tips for keeping them under control and letting your confidence shine through.

Got The Shakes? Focus On A Strong Appearance

The shakes are one of the most common interview nerve reactions and also one of the most noticeable, which only makes things worse when you have them! The best way to deal with shaking is to take deep breaths and focus on making a strong entrance. Stand up/sit up straight and maintain eye contact, and give a strong handshake. Focusing on maintaining a strong physical impression will make you feel more confident and naturally calm your nerves and shakes.

Get To Know Your Interviewer Beforehand

Find out who will be interviewing you and search for them on LinkedIn to get to know more about them before the interview. You may even want to connect with them and ask questions or introduce yourself through a private message to break the ice so that when you meet in person in the interview you will already feel more at ease with them.  

Prepare Your Answers As Much As Possible

You can’t know every question you will be asked but you can prepare your answers to the ones you expect. Think about how you will phrase your response and what examples you can provide that will apply to different areas if possible. On the other hand, be careful not to be over-prepared with your answer. When in the interview, take the time to listen to the question to make sure you approach it properly with your answer; don’t get too carried away with an over-rehearsed response that doesn’t match the question phrasing!

Visualise Yourself In The Job

Sometimes the best way to quell nerves in the present is some positive visualisation about the future. If you imagine yourself in the job and performing well, it will have a positive impact on your mood and body language during the interview. If you are confident when you think about doing the job, you’re confidence should shine through when being interviewed about the job!

Request Feedback From Previous Failed Interviews

If you fail to get a job, ask the interviewer to feedback about what put them off you. If it was the fact you were nervous, find out what the signs were. Was it in the quality of your answers or your physical appearance? Focus on improving these areas next time to create a more positive and confident impression.

Don’t Know How To Answer The Question? Be Honest!

Freezing up in an interview is nothing to be nervous about, it happens to the best of us! If you don’t know how to answer the question that has been asked, it is best to be open about it. First, check that you have understood the question by saying back to the interviewer what you understood the question to mean. If you still can’t answer, be honest and tell them how you intend to find out what it is. This shows you can be trusted to be honest about things, especially when you don’t understand and saying how you intend to find out what it is shows you are thinking proactively. This turns potentially negative situation into a positive by showing how you would handle not understanding something on the job.

Interview nerves hit even the most confident candidates, but the key is to be properly prepared to deal with them and stop them from holding you back from showing your true potential.

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