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3 Ways To Drive Your Career In A New Direction

 3 Ways To Drive Your Career In A New Direction


There are many directions your career can take; it all depends on how ambitious you are and what drives that ambition.

Ambition can be a scary thing. When you are a kid, your ambition has no limits because you don’t have the fear of failure. Kids want to be movie stars, go to space, fight fires, crime, become brain surgeons or rockets scientists. But very few of the people who say they want these careers as children ever pursue such ambitious careers in adult life.

Fear of failing holds a lot of us back when it comes to our careers. But it doesn’t have to, if you can learn to overcome your fear and just take the leap anyway. Here’s some ways to start combating your fear of failure:

Start Your Own Business

The world’s most successful corporations all had to start somewhere. People often have great ideas that given the right attention could develop into small businesses. But what holds them back is a lack of confidence and the potential risk that it could fail.  

Don’t let your ideas go to waste. If you have an idea, take the time to research it and start to understand how the industry works. Make contacts in the industry and don’t be afraid to get some feedback on your idea, even if people criticise it.

No-one is saying you will be the next Richard Branson or Donald Trump, but small businesses are thriving in Ireland right now, so why not give your idea the chance to grow into something successful?

Help Someone Else To Better Their Business

Innovating from within a business that is already set up can be as hard are starting a business from scratch.

If you have ideas about how the company you work for could grow and be more successful, then share your thoughts with your management. Innovation from team members at any level in the company is often encouraged and rewarded, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas and get yourself noticed by management.

Being innovative not only helps the company, it could help you by putting you on the radar when it comes to new exciting opportunities for career development within the business.

Search For Your Dream Job

There is a job out there that is right for everyone. Job satisfaction comes from knowing your abilities and having faith in them, as well as being able to challenge yourself and stretch your potential for the enjoyment of it.

 So many people settle for jobs that don’t push them or make them feel any satisfaction whatsoever because they are scared or lack the confidence to go for something better. It’s up to you to take charge of your career and go for your dream job, it’s not going to fall into your lap. That might mean working from the bottom up or gaining new qualifications/retraining in something completely different to what you have done before. But isn’t it worth the effort to do something you truly enjoy day in day out?

If you want to drive your career in a new direction, chat to one of our friendly career advisers about the options you have open to you to support your ambitions. Call today on 01 840 4075 to book an informal chat or email swords@pitman-training.net.


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