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Tips For Dealing With Demotivation Caused By Change At Work

3 Tips For Dealing With Demotivation Caused By Change At Work 


It’s easy to get settled into a rhythm with your job, and when change occurs it can seem negative and you may become demotivated. You aren’t alone; hundreds of people experience demotivation in their career when unwanted changes occur, when the pressure gets too much or in some cases when the challenges of the role aren’t sufficient anymore.

The problem with demotivation is that when it strikes, it can impact your performance and behaviour at work, which can then start to impact your private life too.

So how can you deal with feeling demotivated at work before it gets too serious?

Step Back And Assess Your Situation

What has changed recently to trigger your feelings of demotivation? Have reshuffles or redundancies been made, leading to you and your team having to take on other people’s workloads? Has the company been going through a particularly stressful time and the negative atmosphere of the office is impacting everyone’s behaviour?

Recognising these triggers and considering how negative changes can be dealt with and turned into positives is vital to motivating yourself again. For example, does taking on extra work and new responsibilities mean you can further develop your skillset and plump up your CV?

If you aren’t feeling motivated due to a lack of challenges within your current role, try talking to your boss. See if there are any new projects or responsibilities you can work on to challenge yourself and take some weight off their shoulders at the same time. Taking on work above and beyond your station always looks good when the opportunities for promotion come around.

Don’t Hesitate, Act Now

Demotivation can spread quickly. Don’t let yourself and your team be affected by it; act quickly to prevent the negative attitude spreading.

If you spot demotivation in yourself and/or any of your team members, it’s a good idea to sit down with everyone and discuss how everyone is feeling about the current situation.

Encourage people to bring up their concerns and negative opinions about the changes occurring, how their current role is affected, etc. Then try to help everyone find solutions to any issues (this might me spreading the new workload out differently based on who would prefer what challenges) and try to put a more positive spin on the situation.

Ask For Help

You’re not alone. The likelihood is you have colleagues, managers, friends or family who have gone through a period in their career when they felt disengaged. Reach out and ask them to share their experience with you and any advice they might have

Use their advice to create a list of options or actions that may help you to reignite your spark.  Options may include working on an external project or looking for opportunities within other companies, gaining a new qualification or skills, or even sharing your skills and experience with others through mentoring. All of these can give you a new sense of fulfilment and energy in your career and personal life.

If you would like to chat about how gaining a qualification can boost your motivation and your career prospects, give Pitman Training Swords a call today on 01 840 4075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.

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