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4 Reasons You Should Have Your CV Ready At All Times

4 Reasons You Should Have Your CV Ready At All Times


It’s a common thing when you are happy in your job to let your CV become old and outdated. After all, you’ve got a job, so why would you need to keep spending time updating your CV?

The reality is, if you let your CV go stale, you may not have enough time to act when a new opportunity arises or circumstances change.

1.You Could Get Head Hunted

It’s common for people to get head hunted, particularly in skilled positions. If you are in an in-demand position such as a legal or medical secretary, then you are likely to find recruitment agents contacting you about new positions.

You never know when an opportunity you want might come up, even if you don’t feel a job change is on the cards right now!

2.A Promotion or Opportunity Could Come Up

You might be thinking ‘I love the company I work for’ and that is reason enough to not worry about job changes right now. But that is actually even more of a reason to keep your CV up to date! You never know when a new opportunity within your current company could crop up; you don’t want to waste that chance being unprepared!

3.Redundancy Or Contract/Pay Cuts Could Affect You

In a rocky financial climate, there are still companies that are having to let staff go and redundancy/wage cuts and contract cuts are all still a real risk for many of us. It is always best to be one step ahead and be prepared for the worst.

Having your CV ready and beginning your job search when you know these cuts are coming will allow you to be ready to move on if/when the time comes.

4.Personal Life Changes Could Impact Your Career

You never know what your personal life is going to throw at you and how that is going to impact your career. Having children, moving to a new area, city or even country, there is so much that has an impact on your work life and cause you to have to change your job.

Whatever your current situation, you should always be prepared for whatever may be just around the corner. No matter how secure, relaxed and happy you feel in your current job or career, there is always room for new opportunities and circumstances so often change very quickly! So to ensure you are ready for your next career move, take the time to keep your CV updated and ready for any eventuality.

5.CV Workshops

If you would like help with improving your CV and increasing your chance of getting the next promotion or job opportunity that comes your way, you may be interested in our CV workshops.

We are running workshops designed to help you craft the perfect CV and stand out from the crowd of candidates. The next workshop is coming up on 21st January 2016, but if you can’t make that then don’t panic, there are plenty more coming up! To find out more and to book your place on any of our upcoming career workshops, call 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.


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