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4 CV Trends We are Seeing In 2016

4 CV Trends We’re Seeing In 2016


If you are looking to dive back into the job market in 2016, you need to make sure that you stand out from the candidate crowd in every possible way. One way you can ensure you are ahead of the game is with an up to date CV.

There are always trends in what employers/recruiters look for in a CV and some of the trends we are seeing in 2016 are:

1.Short and Snappy Formats

Recruiters and employers have to sift through hundreds of CVs a day, so when it comes to grabbing their attention it is best not to be too long winded! Get straight to the point, using attention grabbing keywords and phrases relating to the job description.

Try to keep your CV to 1 page, using bullet points and creative layouts to use the space and get points across quickly and effectively.

2.Achievements Are High Priority

Whereas previously achievements have been more of an afterthought on many CVs, just blending in with the rest of the information, it is now more important than ever to make a big deal out of them. In a highly competitive job market, your achievements are what set you apart from the rest!

Relate achievements to the job you are applying for, showing how they impact your ability to do the job. Make this clear and even embolden the achievements themselves, to make them stand out.

3.Include Relevant Experience ONLY

It may seem like a counterproductive idea, but taking out any experience that does not directly relate to your ability to do the job you are applying for is actually what recruiters and employers want!

Order your experience by relevance and take out anything that doesn’t apply to the role. If you are applying for a completely new sector and don’t have any directly relevant experience, turn the experience you have into something relevant. Mention the skills and experience gained in a previous position that are transferrable to the position you are applying for.

4.LinkedIn Profiles Are A Must

If you aren’t already on LinkedIn, you need to be considering it. It’s the professional network that every recruiter and employer is now using to check out candidates during the application process.

Your LinkedIn profile basically acts as your online CV, but there is so much more you can do on there, including connect with potential employers and find out more about what is going on in the companies/industries you want to work in.

If you need help setting up your LinkedIn profile, we will be holding a step-by-step workshop on 10th March. Get in touch on 01 8404075 to grab your place!

We are also holding regular workshops on crafting the perfect CV, preparing for job interviews and more. Our next CV workshop is on 21st January 2016 at our Pitman Training centre on North Street, Swords, Co. Dublin. To find out more and to reserve a place, call 01 8404075 or just pop in! 

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