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5 Things Every Successful Persons CV Has

5 Things Every Successful Person’s CV Has


Successful people tend to have certain things in common and these things are what contributed to them all becoming successful in what they do.

You can replicate some of these success factors in your own approach, particularly in your CV. Here’s things that a successful person’s CV has, that you can apply to your own CV: 

1. Less than 2 A4 pages

Employers spend an average of 8 seconds (yes that’s all!) looking at your CV. So it’s important that you grab their attention by keeping it short and to the point. They aren’t going to spend ages reading through page after page to find reasons to employ you, so make it obvious in as few pages as possible. A good rule is to keep it to 1 or 2 pages of A4 maximum.

2. Personal Touches: It’s Tailored To The Job Spec

It may be faster to just send the same generic CV to all the employers, but it won’t get you noticed. Taking the time to research the company and the job they are advertising, then adapting your CV to reflect the keywords and skills that they mention will show you are perfect for the job.

3. A Personal Statement

Use your personal statement to get across why you, personally, fit the job description and what you could bring to the company. Listing your experience is great, but it lacks that personal touch.  

4. An Explanation of Gaps

If you leave an obvious gap in your employment history, the hiring manager will be instantly suspicious. You should always be honest and explain what you were doing during those gaps. It’s ok to say you took time off to have kids and enjoy time with them; just put a positive spin on it by saying you also used that time to gain new skills or qualifications that you are ready to now put into action.  

5. Excellent Spelling and Grammar

It looks very bad to an employer if you apply for a secretary position and have basic language mistakes in your CV. Spelling, grammar, language use, it all needs to be checked and double checked before sending your CV out to employers. Get a friend or family member to check it for you, as we often don’t see our own mistakes!

Want help to make your CV into a successful one? We’re holding a CV workshops on 4th and 25th February 2016 at our Pitman Training Centre on North Street, Swords. If you would like to come along to either and get help crafting a job-winning CV, please call 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net



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