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3 Winning CV Formats For Any Stage Of Your Career

3 Winning CV Formats For Any Stage Of Your Career


Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all CV. It’s not something you create once in your life and just add the odd job to every so often. It needs to be changing constantly, adapting to the different stages your career is at and the current CV trends on the employment horizon.

Hiring managers see hundreds of CVs a day, so you need be grabbing their attention from the outset if you’re going to get to that all important interview stage and land yourself that job!

The format of your CV is the first thing any recruiter or hiring manager is going to see, so it’s important to choose a format that a) is eye-catching and easy to digest and b) going to showcase your talents and scream ‘Hire me!’.

How do you know which format is best for you? That depends on what stage your career is at:

Just Graduated Or Looking For a First Job?

Everyone has to start somewhere!

So you’re newly qualified and don’t have a lot of experience that can see you to the recruiter. So how can you grab their attention?

Use what you do have; qualifications!

Leading with your qualifications and relevant skills will show that you have what it takes to fulfil the job spec even without direct experience to prove this yet. If you can, refer to any projects or times you have applied the theory in practice to back up your knowledge.

Life skills that transfer well in the work place are also a good way to make up for lack of experience. The employer will be interested in finding out how you would go about the tasks in the job spec, so try to relate life life skills and knowledge/skills gained in your qualification(s) to communicate this.

Want To Move Up The Ladder?

You’re ready for a new challenge and want to move on to that next step, so you’re going for a promotion.

This time you’re looking to show how you have already progressed in your career/sector and what skills/knowledge you have gained along the way. The best way to demonstrate this is by ordering your work histories in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent first.

This CV type is best for if you are planning on staying in the same sector and climbing upwards, or even going for an in-house promotion.

Looking For a Career Change Or Going Back To Work After A Break?

In recent years, it has become much more acceptable for people to be flexible in their careers. Taking career breaks, jumping from sector to sector and taking sideways steps is actively encouraged now.

So how do you format your CV when you want to get back to work or get your foot in the door in a whole new sector or career path?

You focus on the skills. Using a skills based CV format will allow you to showcase your ability to apply your skills and knowledge in different sectors. It’s all about showing how your previous experience from other sectors and roles gives you skills and knowledge that are transferable into the new sector.

Need Help Formatting Your CV?

No problem! At Pitman Training Swords we are hosting a range of CV creation, interview techniques and career development workshops to help you at every stage of the job seeking process.

Our next CV workshops are taking place on 25th February and 3rd March at our training centre on North Street, Swords.

If you would like to find out more and join one of our workshops, give us a call today on 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.

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