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3 Ways You Can Find a Job Using LinkedIn

3 Ways You Can Find a Job Using LinkedIn


If you aren’t already familiar with it, LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for professionals. It is one of the biggest professional networks out there and is increasingly used by job hunters to find their next job opportunity. For that reason, if you haven’t already then you should be considering setting up a LinkedIn profile right now!

Here’s how you can use your LinkedIn profile to get your next job:

1.Turn Heads With Your LinkedIn Headline

One of the unique features of LinkedIn is that as well as your name you can include a brief ‘headline’ to sum up what exactly you do/are looking to do.

Many people just leave this as the default current job role, but that is not going to get anyone’s attention! If you’re looking to turn the heads of some headhunters and find new opportunities, you’ve got to sell yourself!

Here are some great examples of catchy headlines:

“Highly-qualified Administrative Assistant looking for Stressed Offices to Sort”
“Office Manager looking for Stressed CEO to Make Sane”

Your headline should show a bit of personality as well as fully communicating where your skills are based and what area you are looking to work in (if you have a preference, such as medical or legal).

2.Get Creative With Your LinkedIn Profile

Don’t just look at your profile as another copy of your paper CV. Use the additional digital features to your advantage!

You can add extensive previous work experience and details about these positons without fear of making your CV a 20-page document.

You can add images, videos, presentations and other documents; use this to your advantage by adding any specific pieces of work you think showcase your talent or even some video references from previous employers.

3.Use The Right Keywords If You Want To Be Found

The LinkedIn job search is a two-way street; not only are you looking on there for opportunities but you also get recruiters and hiring managers using LinkedIn to search for potential candidates.

In order to be found and stand out among the thousands of other candidates in these searches, you need to be optimising your LinkedIn profile with the right keywords.

What skills are sought after in the line of work you want to do? What key responsibilities are part of the roles you are looking for? Pick apart a few job descriptions for the role(s) you are wanting and make a note of any recurring themes/keywords within the descriptions. These are the keywords you want to be including in your profile (where relevant) to be brought up in recruitment searches.

Want to learn more about how to get set up on LinkedIn and how to use it in your job search? We’re hosting several workshops for job hunters over the coming months, in addition to a one-off step-by-step LinkedIn beginners workshop on 10th March at our Pitman Training Centre on North Street, Swords. For more information about our upcoming workshops and to book your place on any of them, call us on 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net. 

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