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3 Ways To Show Your Achievements And Boost Your Career Success With LinkedIn

3 Ways To Show Your Achievements And Boost Your Career Success With LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the place to be for those wanting to get a head start in their career. Recruiters and hiring managers are constantly scouring the professional network to find potential candidates, so it’s more important than ever for you to not only be active on there, but to make your profile stand out.

It’s not just about your experience and education; as much as that matters it doesn’t tell the employer what makes you different from all the others with that qualification or similar experience.

What sets candidates apart most of all is their own individual achievements. Here’s 3 waysyou should add your personal achievements to your LinkedIn profile right now:

1.Use Your Summary To Spotlight Your Skills

Your summary works in a similar way to your paper CV; it should be used to summarise everything you can offer the employer.

The LinkedIn summary section appears at the top of your profile (right after your headline information), so it’s your first opportunity to show off your skills.

Your headline tells people where your work and what industry you’re in, but what particular areas do you specialise and excel in? What skills do you currently use and how can these benefit potential employers?

2.Back Accomplishments Up With Hard Evidence

So in the summary, you’ve told the hiring manager what you can do. But how do they know you aren’t just throwing these words for the sake?

Don’t be shy about telling them what you’ve accomplished by applying those skills. Have there been particularly challenging projects that you worked on?

Provide hard evidence such as numbers and results that can show exactly how your skills benefited the project. For example, how much money you saved for the company or how you improved sales by X amount.

3.Demonstrate Your Drive and Self-Motivation

What things have you initiated on your own in your past or current position? Have you put forward ideas or instigated new projects?

Showing your ability to take the initiative and not wait around to be told what to do is a great way to attract employers. You’re every hiring managers’ dream!

Need some help getting your LinkedIn profile set up or getting more out of it as a career tool? We’re hosting a step-by-step LinkedIn Success workshop on 10th March. Join us at our Pitman Training Centre on North Street, Swords – to find out more and reserve a place, call us now on 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.



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