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A day in the life a Medical Secretary in a large city centre hospital

A day in the life a Medical Secretary in a large city centre hospital


The Medical Secretary role is a challenging yet exciting one, and the responsibilities and opportunities vary depending on the type of medical establishment you choose to work in.

One of our Medical Secretarial Diplioma graduates Pavlina is working in a large city centre hospital as a Unit Secretary, based on the Symptomatic Breast Health unit. She shares with us a typical working day in her new role.

Day to day life as a Medical Unit Secretary

Pavlina’s day begins at 8am and she typically finishes around 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Her unit specialises in 2 particular areas; radiology, where Pavlina is based, which includes mammograms and ultrasound, and Clinical which is dealing appointments and has 4 consultants and their own Medical Secretaries.

The radiology section is extremely busy, with patients arriving from 8:20am and appointments run until 4:20pm. As the Unit Secretary Pavlina meets and greets the patients and checks them in for their appointments.

Other daily duties include scheduling appointments, sending out patient letters, making and handling calls and sending emails.

Pavlina also has to ensure that all GP referral letters are scanned into the relevant patients’ files. All discs with images must also be brought to the Radiology Department for uploading to patient files. The unit works as a strong team, with the Secretarial staff working very closely with the Radiology and Ultrasound nursing staff to ensure processes run smoothly and patients are well looked after.

Pavlina loves her work. She finds she needs to be very focused as it does demand attention to detail, however this is one of her strengths, making the role a great fit for her.

The skills she gained from her Diploma, including Microsoft Word, Outlook Typing and Medical Terminology all play an important role in her job and she admits she would be lost without them. Pavlina would like to go for a promotion and is considering additional training to assist her career progression. 

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