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7 Ways To Re-Address Your Work Life Balance

7 Ways To Re-Address Your Work Life Balance


You've just got home after a long day at the office, poured a glass of wine and are finally ready to switch off for the evening, when you check your phone and, surprise surprise, there's a work email waiting for you.

Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to try and address your work/life balance. Read our magnificent seven tips for some inspiration.

Don't check emails in the evening! 

Sounds obvious, but only you can make it happen. Even if it's a case of turning your phone off, or going to the gym or playing sport. This way, you'll slowly condition the behaviour of your colleagues. If they know you'll respond to an email after 9pm, then they won't hesistate in sending one but if you set that boundary, over time they'll stop.

Don't be pressured into replying on days off

If you're part-time, it should be exactly that but it can easily become a full-time role with low pay if you slip into the habit of working in your own time. Again, clear boundaries with managers and co-workers are key, and consider putting your working hours in your email signature so clients outside the company know they won't get an instant reply.

Working from home isn't always the answer

Sure, the sense of freedom and trust is good and some genuinely feel it's easier to fit in everything else, like kids and washing. But others will miss the social aspect of working in an office with actual people and others end up resenting the fact that work and home life gets muddled because there's no clear distinction. Make sure you know which side of the fence you're on, and go from there.

Suggest to your boss you trial flexible working

Can the time you commute into the office be spent more wisely? Being flexible isn't about working less, but working smarter. Your employer may initially be reluctant, but present the case to them and even suggest giving it a trial run to see how it benefits you both.

Being busy isn't always a good thing, either

We've all had days when the calendar is quiet and the clock drags, but being too busy can also be a sign that you're not managing your time appropriately and, quite frankly, it becomes exhausting. We all work to provide for ourselves and our families, but sometimes putting down the phone and spending 10 minutes, either on yourself or with them, can be just as valuable.

Take some time off to spend with your children

Have a family and been with your current employer for over a year? You probably didn't know that you're entitled to take up to 18 weeks of parental leave per year - and that's per parent, per child, too.

It's usually unpaid, of course, but if the budget allows, it could be a valuable way to look after the kids in the school holidays and get some of that work/life balance back on track.


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