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How To Overcome Procrastination In Your Job Search 5 Top Tips

How To Overcome Procrastination In Your Job Search – 5 Top Tips


The majority of the living population are susceptible to the odd bout of procrastination, and for those of us seeking a job it can be a particular problem as pressure to take a break from that mass of CVs and those endless job sites takes its toll.

But the bottom line is... such behaviour won't help in the long run. So how can you overcome it? You're in the right place. So here, we actually recommend switching off for ten minutes or so and reading our advice!

  1. Do some targeted thinking. Instead of switching off and daydreaming about cows or something, think about yourself. Your strengths? What have you achieved in your career that made you feel good? And what could you improve on? You'll have to consider this all at some stage, maybe in an interview, so have it all stored - either in your brain, or down on paper if that helps.
  2. Pass the test. A range of assessments online can help you find out more about your personality, motivation, skills, learning styles... and your strengths and weaknesses, which is all good to know!
  3. Make your coffee break more productive. Instead of meeting a friend and just idly gossiping, use them! Bounce ideas off them, get them to conduct a mock interview. All things that will help you nail that next role you go for.
  4. Spring clean social media. Spending hours aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter? Have a spring clean instead, making sure they attract recruiters rather than put them off. Take the time to create and maintain a LinkedIn page; a superb way to connect with potential employers.
  5. Get moving! It's proven that exercise helps thought and improves mood, so go for a walk or head to the gym and the difference will be huge. Can't get to the gym? Have a stretch, especially if you're huddled over your keyboard all day. 

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