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Our Top 8 Questions To Ask in a Job Interview

Our Top 8 Questions To Ask in a Job Interview


It's the question most people dread more than any other in a job interview, and it's a relatively simple one, too.

'Do you have any questions for us?'

You might have aced the interview or fallen flat on your face - metaphorically at least, we hope - and then the tables turn, and you have the chance to interrogate your interrogator. The worst thing you can do here is nothing, and it always helps to have something in the back of your mind that you can conjure up when it matters. 

So read on!

  1. What would you say are the most and least enjoyable aspects of the job? This shows you want to be prepared for everything the job throws at you, good and bad.
  2. What training opportunities do you offer? Employers love to know that employees want to add to their skills, which only benefits them in the long term.
  3. You mentioned the role was [xxx] - could you tell me more? This shows you paid attention! [Make sure to actually listen, though].
  4. How is the culture and atmosphere? This shows you have a greater awareness of things around you, and know how to get the best out of you. And who wouldn't want that?
  5. How does this role relate to the rest of the company? You want to fit in and are taking a wider interest in the entire company? Welcome. You're hired.
  6. Is there scope for promotion? Again, determination to impress and progress. A classic interview question so if you forget any others, remember this one!
  7. Ask for permission to talk yourself up a little more! The added advantage is - you can pick the topic! Choose one you know the most about, and dazzle them with your knowledge! [One tip - make it relevant, and don't talk about your knowledge of cats or origami].
  8. Do you have any doubts about my suitability for your company? An unusual one maybe, but it opens you up and shows you're capable of accepting criticism and are willing to learn. And, if they do have any doubts, you can put them to bed right there and reassure the interviewer that you are, in fact, the right candidate.

Good luck!


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