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Get Inside The Head Of Your Interviewer To Maximise Your Chances

Get Inside The Head Of Your Interviewer To Maximise Your Chances


You've probably heard one of the golden rules of conquering nerves; picturing the people you are around naked. In a job interview situation, that could maybe make you feel queasier so we have a better solution - get inside their heads!

No, we don't mean trying to hypnotise them or use Jedi mind tricks. More simply, put yourself in their shoes and think about what they're looking for.

So, as they sit asking you questions and scribbling notes, what are they thinking?

Would they fit in here? 

Sounds obvious, but they'll be trying to see you in the role and assessing how you'd fit in alongside the current employees. So it's your personality being looked at.

How big is the company? A small start-up with seven employees will want a different type of character to a multi-national company with 7,000.

Look around the office before your interview. How are the noise levels? Bustling with chat, or drowning in silence? How's the interviewer coming across? Formal or more casual? Take note and follow suit.

Are they who their CV says they are? 

The reason you have got this far is because the company thinks you could be a perfect fit - so don't give them chance to think otherwise! Make sure everything on there, you can back up and can expand on every point.

Have they got what it takes? 

They'll be keen to see you understand the role itself, and the responsibilities contained within it. So do your research! Chat to people in the industry and note the challenges they face, so you know what to expect.

Then pair this with your own experience, referring back to things the interviewer has said throughout to show you're paying attention.

Are they going to stick around? 

Understandably, employers aren't keen on hiring people who are only going to stick around for a month, so they have to go through the process again. So don't come across as if you're using the role as a stepping stone.

Does your CV show you've had a few roles? Don't avoid the subject, as this will allow the interviewer to draw their own conclusions - and chances are, they won't be good. Broach the subject and explain it, and why this job is different for you.

Good luck!


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