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Boost Productivity With A Morning Makeover

Boost Productivity With A Morning Makeover


We've all been there; dragging ourselves out of bed after untold snoozes, no time for breakfast and sitting in unmoving traffic or missing the bus. But does this sound familiar, more often than not? If so, it may be time to take a step back, assess your morning routine and give yourself an extra boost before the working day kicks off.

So, where to start? Check out our handy guide to giving yourself a morning makeover.

Be positive!

Try and set that alarm for an extra hour, and stick to it. You'll have more time and a headstart on everyone else while they're still snoozing. Getting up early is proven to improve your mood, ability to solve problems and makes you more optimistic. Sounds good to us!


Don't underestimate this part. It's not known as the most important meal of the day for nothing, and without it your body is running on no energy. You wouldn't set off for a long drive with no fuel in your car, would you?


Use this time to plan your day ahead, or kickstart your day with a workout. That will help boost the endorphins in your brain, and helps boost energy, creativity and productivity.

Make sure you get those hours in

If you're getting up earlier, make sure to get to bed earlier to compensate. Sleep is directly linked to mental and physical health, and the lack of it increases the risk of chronic health issues.

Enjoy the quiet!

Are you the type who works better with no distractions, or do you have a project coming up that needs concentration? Crack on while your colleagues are sleeping!



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