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How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

How To Deal With A Difficult Boss


Having a difficult boss can make a huge difference to your career, it's rarely a positive one. But what can you do about it?

Write it down!

If you're going to take this further, then written evidence will be key. So jot down any inappropriate behaviour, and you'll soon become able to spot patterns of behaviour rather than spontanious outbursts. 

Feel free to walk away

As easy as it sounds, try not to respond with emotion to a situation and keep your written evidence to facts, rather than personal feelings.

Talk to them

This is almost always a better course of action than talking about them! Be calm and concise about your issues, and be open. Emails can easily be mistaken in terms of tone and content, so face-to-face is always preferential - no matter how intimidating it seems.

Remain professional

It's a fact; you aren't always going to get on with everyone you work with. When this happens, it's important to remember that you have to work with these people and don't fall into the trap of saying things you will later regret.

Speak to your HR department or union rep, or their boss!

This is always a good fall-back option. Be aware of your rights and if your boss's behaviour continues to affect you, speak to a union rep. If nothing improves, go to their boss as a last resort. There's a risk that your relationship will be damaged forever, but if that's the only solution left...

Keep an eye out for other roles

There's nothing to stop you [discreetly] applying for other jobs and if you get a worthwhile offer, don't hesitate to take it. If not, try and improve your work/life balance to try and reduce stress.


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