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When The Going Gets Tough

When we start things, our enthusiasm keeps us going for a while and we make the project or course a top priority. Near the end of a course or project, we tend to get a second wind because the end – and the reward – is in sight. It’s the middle that can be the tough part! Life tends to overtake our priorities and we lose momentum, then apathy and guilt set in.
We sometimes see this in students. It only takes one ‘not passed’ exam result to really knock their confidence and enthusiasm.

Why did I want/need to take this course?

How is it going to help me in the near future?

How is it going to help me in the longer-term?


Some answers to these questions:

Why did I want to take this course?

  • I’m worried that I might lose my job and want to get qualifications so that I will be able to get another job.
  •  I know that I’ve never fulfilled my potential.
  •  I’m finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. I would like to increase the money I earn.
  •  I want to retrain in a new area and change my job in the future.
  •  I want to keep my skills up-to-date and learn to use the latest technology.
  •  I want to make myself less likely to be redundant.
  •  I work in the public sector and want to learn more about the private sector in case I get made redundant this year.

How is it going to help me in the near future?

  • Confidence
  •  Better skills
  •  New qualifications
  •  A daily routine (coming into the centre)
  •  Nice people to study with and talk to
  •  Good career advice and contacts
  •  Better chance at getting a job or keeping the one I have

How is it going to help me in the longer-term?

  • Potential to earn more money
  •  Potential to gain promotion or a new job
  •  Better job security
  •  Less stress at work (more skills = less stress)
  •  Ability to help others
  •  Increased confidence – if I don’t know something in the future I know I have the capacity to learn

Keeping these goals and benefits in mind can really help when your enthusiasm flags. We’ll cover how to carve out time for your study next month.

Keep up the good work with your studying. We have hundreds of testimonials from people who are very glad that they kept on when the going got tough.

Have a fun February.
Roy & Maria

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