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How to turn down a job offer

How to turn down a job offer


It’s not something that happens often, but there are occasions when you might find yourself actually wanting to turn down a job that you’ve applied for!

This typically happens if your job search has thrown up several interview opportunities in a short space of time. You might find you’re still waiting to hear from one company when another interview is offered, or maybe an opportunity that suits you better comes up and you no longer want to pursue the previous position.

Whatever the reasons for the change of heart, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn down a job offer, as long as you do so in the right way. Here are some tips for turning down a job offer:

Make sure you’re certain you don’t want the job 
Don’t just make a snap decision about turning a job down, because once you say ‘no, thanks’ it’s hard to go back. Consider your reasons for turning the job down carefully and make sure you’re 100% sure before making the call. 

Don’t let them down over email
It’s always best to give the employer a courtesy call, even if they have offered you the job over email. It adds a personal touch and will enhance your professional reputation. You never know when your paths might cross again so ending on a good note is beneficial.

Be honest
Honesty is the best policy, so if you feel the opportunity isn’t right for you then be clear on your reasons why. This will help them to understand why you won’t be open to counter-offers and they should respect your choice.

Don’t burn bridges

Just because you don’t want to work with them now, doesn’t mean you won’t want to work for them in another role in the future. Even if they don’t take the rejection as well as you hope (take it as a compliment that they really wanted to have you!), keep a level of professionalism and don’t be tempted to leave on a sour note. It could have repercussions in the future if you do, especially if people in the industry talk…

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