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5 questions to ask yourself about a potential employer

5 questions to ask yourself about a potential employer


Did you know that on average you’ll spend 15% of your life at work? That’s a lot of time to be spending in a job that you don’t enjoy, working for a company you don’t feel is right for you. When it comes to applying for jobs, it’s not just the candidate that should be scrutinised. Here are 5 top questions to ask to make sure a potential employer and job role is the right fit for you:

1. What will my day to day tasks be?

The job may sound exciting on paper, but when you come down the day to day tasks of the job, it may not be what you originally expected. While a role may look the same on paper, the daily tasks often differ significantly from company to company. It often depends on the size of the company and how broad they expect each employee’s role to be.  Getting an outline of the day to day will help you get a clearer view of the role as a whole and if it will excite and challenge you in the ways you expect.

2. What is the working structure?

The working hours and benefits are important factors in your decision. What are the working hours? Are they flexible or rigid? Many companies are now offering flexible working hours and remote working as they see how beneficial this can be for productivity. Not only does it allow you to work around your personal commitments and maintain a healthier work life balance, it enables you to work when you are most productive, meaning they get the best of you.

3. Will I suit this working environment?

Depending on the values and company structure, the working environment can differ dramatically from employer to employer. Is this office a more corporate environment or a more fluid, relaxed place of work? You also need to determine what working environment you work best in and find an employer that matches this criteria if you’re to be at your happiest and most productive.

4. Do the company share my values?

This may be something you don’t instantly think about, but it’s impotant to consider the company;’s values if you’re going to work for them. You will need to agree with and believe in these values and uphold them in your work, so it’s important that they are on a par with your own beliefs and values.  

5. Is there investment in staff development?

If you’re seeking professional development, ensure that you choose a company that is willing to invest in their people. Don’t just take the employer’s word for it; have a poke around on LinkedIn and start asking employees of the company for an honest view.




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