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6 Habits That Make You More Productive

6 Habits That Make You More Productive


Making small changes to your lifestyle could have a big impact on your life. You don’t realise it, but small things that we do every day can contribute to us being more stressed, tired, anxious, unproductive and generally unhappy.

But taking small steps towards creating healthier habits has a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being and affects all aspects of our lives, both work and personal.

1.Halve your to-do list

Does everything on that list really have to be crammed into today, or can some of it wait until tomorrow? Prioritise what is actually urgent and what can be spread across your working week. This will reduce the pressure on you and make you feel more relaxed and ready to work through it.

2.Take Regular Breaks

Many people experience regular headaches and 3pm slumps because they’re not giving their brain the time it needs to rest. Working for hours at a time can cause you to be less productive than if you broke down your day with 10 minute breaks every hour.

3.Turn Your Phone Off In The Morning

If your morning routine consists of checking emails and calendars as you get ready to rush out to work with breakfast on the go, then stop. It’s killing your productivity for the rest of the day! Take the morning as ‘me’ time; workout, watch the news, eat your breakfast in peace and just switch off. Your shift starts when you arrive at work, not when you wake up.

4.Start Your Day With Your Hardest Task

You are most productive before lunch, so use your morning to tackle the most challenging tasks on your to-do list while you’re refreshed. Try to save meetings and easier tasks for the afternoon as this allows your brain to recharge as they don’t require as much brain power.

5.Manage Your Distractions

If like me, you check emails compulsively as soon as the alert pops up, try to break the habit by turning off the desktop alerts and scheduling in gaps in your morning, afternoon (and evening if you like) to sort through emails.

6.Don’t multi-task

If you’re considering answering that email right in the middle of your current task, stop. Because it will take you a good 10 mins to get back into what you were doing or it will send you off on a whole other task. That’s why point 5 is so important, because things like emails distract us and we end up juggling tasks and not getting any of them done efficiently. If something comes up, pop it on your to-do list to be dealt with after you finish your current task.


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