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3 Brutal Facts about Career Progression and How to Deal

3 Brutal Facts about Career Progression and How to Deal


Everyone starts out in their career with the idea that they want to progress, whether that’s just a few steps on the ladder or a full climb to the coveted management status. However far your progression plans take you, there are some hard truths that need to be considered when planning your career journey:

1.Progression means more work

This might not come as a surprise, of course a promotion will entail more work. But the thing people don’t realise is the further up the ladder you get, the more the workload increases and the less time you seem to have in the day.

Yes, a salary increase will accompany a promotion, but the extra work will mean that you’re likely to be working more hours and take on more responsibility.

Make sure you’re prepared for the extra pressure and stress; be very organised and manage your workload. There may feel like there is less time in the day even though you’re working lots more hours, so try to optimise your productivity so you still have a good work life balance. The work will still be there tomorrow, so if it’s getting on top of you, just take some time out. It’s how all good managers manage.  

2. What You Say Has A Bigger Impact

The higher you go, the more careful you have to be with what you say. You’ve got to bite your tongue around co-workers and avoid office politics because as you progress, you have more power and responsibility. One wrong word to the wrong person and you could get yourself into a lot of trouble.

However, you need to try and keep healthy relationships with your colleagues if you’re to be a good manager, so communication skills are key. You want to still be friendly and approachable, while keeping a professional distance. Be yourself, but just keep away from sensitive topics and oversharing.

3. Your Career Path Can Change

When you set out, you may think you have a clear, straight path in mind for your career progression. But as you gather experience in different roles and companies, you might start to see other opportunities opening up that you didn’t know were an option before. On the other hand, you might reach your ‘ceiling’, and find yourself wondering where else there is for you to go, or if you even want to go further at all?

If you feel content, even just for the time being, then there’s nothing wrong with deciding to stay put. You can always change your mind later, but don’t put extra pressure on yourself to progress if that’s not what you want.

If there are no managerial jobs in your current company, or if there’s a shortage of these roles in your industry, you might just need to sit tight and wait for opportunities to come up. You may feel ready to move up now but if the opportunities aren’t there (even when you look) then you just have to be patient. In the meantime, let your current manager know you’re eager to progress so if any opportunities arise then they’ll consider you. They can also help you to develop your skills and knowledge in your current role ready to move up when the time comes.

If you’d like career advice and support, the team at Pitman Training Swords are happy to help. Book an informal chat with our advisors today; call 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.


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