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The 3 Types of Intelligence and How they Affect your Career Success

The 3 Types of Intelligence and How they Affect your Career Success


Well actually there’s four types of intelligence. The first type is the one you’d expect. Measured academically, it’s about knowledge. But did you know there are three other types of intelligence that you didn’t know had a big impact on your success?

1.Emotional intelligence

Being aware of both your own emotions and other people’s emotions is key if you want to progress in your career. Being able to recognise the emotions that are flowing at any time helps you to understand how you or another person is affecting the situation. For example, have you ever stopped and thought that you were being over defensive about something when the other person is being reasonable and calm? Being aware of this means you can take control of the emotion and reign it in.

Emotional intelligence also allows you to build relationships with other people, as you understand their emotions and how to motivate and encourage them when they need it, and how to calm them down and diffuse the situation when things get heated.

The ability to understand and handle emotion is both key to being a good team member and a great leader.

2.Moral intelligence

Understand the moral implications of your behavior and others around you is another key to success.

Moral intelligence is not just about the major decisions we make, but the small decisions we make every day. Not everyone is perfect, but it’s always good to be honest and take responsibility for your actions and speech if you want to be respected and set the right example among your team.

3.Physical intelligence

This is all about recognising your own body’s signs and how what you do impacts your work. For example, relying on sugar or caffeine to get you through the working day can be detrimental to your energy and your mind.

Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly have been proven to improve mood, productivity and clarity of the mind. No-one is saying you can’t enjoy a coffee or a chocolate muffin, but when you come to rely on sugar and caffeine for the energy boost to get you through your day, then you’re not performing to the best of your ability, mentally or physically.

Looking after your body not only helps you to become more focused at work, it also improves self-confidence which is another key to success.

Harnessing these three types of intelligence will have a positive impact on your success. If you’re wanting to progress on the career ladder, it’s important to understand all three of the above intelligences as they will help you to be a better leader, helping others to understand the impact of these intelligences on their own success and getting more out of your team.


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