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The 3 Types of Team Member; Which one are You?

The 3 Types of Team Member; Which one are You?


When it comes to taking the next steps in your career, it’s important to know where you will fit within an organisation or team. Understanding what type of team member you are can lead you to find roles that best suit your strengths and help you to find a career path that’s right for you. Knowing your team member type will also make you feel more self-aware and confident, which will come across in interviews.

Here’s the three main team member types, which one fits you?


The ‘people person’ is someone who enjoys working with people, whether that be enjoying leading or coordinating a team or striving from working as part of a team as opposed to sole working. Here’s some of the strengths that make a people person team member:

- Leading. Your strengths as a people person lend themselves to being a great leader, as you’re able to listen to people, see their potential and guide them to get the best out of them.

- Negotiation. Working to make sure everyone is happy and works well together is another of your strengths. You’re perceptive to everything around you and are willing to flex to whatever is needed to make sure everyone else is happy. But be wary of being too flexible as this can be seen as indecisive, stick to your guns when the time is right.

- Resource building. You’re great at talking to people so you’re the perfect team member to build contacts and negotiate resources.


The ‘do-er’ is very focused on, well, getting things done! Action orientated, you like to get your hands dirty and have a plan of action for every goal. You’re a great motivator and can be very organised. Here’s some of the strengths that make a do-er team member:

- Challenging the boundaries. You’re a pusher. You like to challenge people and boundaries, and see how things can be improved if you don’t just accept them. You never stop looking for new solutions to problems, even if the current solution already works.

- Making things happen. Getting things done is one of your key strengths. You take the ideas of the team and turn them into actionable plans and goals. Organisation is what you strive for, and you’re very efficient when it comes to getting tasks completed.

- Meeting deadlines. When you make a plan, you stick to it and ensure others do too. You’re great at managing projects from start to finish, ensuring every detail is accurate and completed to the set deadlines.


As the ‘thinker’, you’re the ideas person. You’re great at coming up with concepts that the do-er in your team can then help you to implement. Here’s some of the strengths of the thinker team member:

- Being creative. You tend to think outside the box and are great at coming up with lots of new ideas to solve problems. Your imagination means you can often come up with solutions that other team member types wouldn’t which is why you’re of great value to the team. 

- Analysing ideas. You like to evaluate an idea and pick it apart. This is great when it’s your own ideas, and it helps to sort the achievable from the not so achievable. However, be wary of being over critical when it comes to other people’s ideas. Be tactful and give constructive criticism to help them develop their ideas.

- Specialising in certain areas. Usually the thinker is a fountain of knowledge and specialises in a particular area in their career. Having a vast amount of knowledge in this area helps you to understand problems and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Your mind is very focused, which is why you like to choose a specialism and stick to it. You’re driven by a thirst for knowledge.

Have you worked out which team member type you are yet? You may find that you have strengths that cross over into more than one, but there should be one type that stands out to you.

Use this to your advantage when both applying for roles (would that suit your team member type?) and in interview situations (“I think I could bring a lot to the team as a thinker because…”). Self-awareness is the key to confidence in yourself and your abilities. Understand your team member type and own it!

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