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If you want to grab a recruiter’s attention, you’ve got to think outside the box. The days of writing your CV in a two-page word document are gone. In the digital age, people are thinking of creative ways to grab attention through different CV formats. Video is one of the easiest to create and is very effective, but with this new format comes new rules on what is and isn’t acceptable.

1. Do prepare

Number one tip: don’t try and wing it! Get organised before you start the camera rolling and practice what you plan to say. Depending on the type of person you are, you might prefer to have a fully practiced script or just some prompts and notecards to keep you on track. Whatever your preferred method, make sure you do your prep before you hit record.

2. Do structure your video CV

Just like with a traditional written CV, structure helps the recruiter to follow the information and get what they need from it. Your video CV should tell the story of your career with the same structure as a written one, starting from the beginning and working to the present day. You should also start your video with an introduction to you as a person, and finish it off with your contact details.

3. Do keep it short

Just like with a written CV, the recruiter doesn’t have loads of time to spend on it. Keeping it short and to the point means they get what they need from it quickly. Try to keep it to a maximum of one minute long, otherwise you may find the recruiter switches off.

4. Don’t read straight from your written CV

A video CV is meant to differ from the traditional. Don’t just read the information straight from the page. Turn the key bits of information into a more engaging script and deliver it to camera without reading from the page. Imagine you’re say across from an actual person and rather than talking at them, this is a conversation. 

5. Don’t be afraid to stand out

Recruiters are always looking for that different candidate that stands out, and with a video CV you have the advantage of being able to show your personality along with your skills and experience. Try to work in a little humour or be creative with your delivery while remaining professional.


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