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The Top Ten Tips for Dressing for Interview.

1. Be appropriate and approachable

The outfit(s) you wear to your interview/work should reflect the nature of the business.  This is not a time to try out the latest trends.
The best dress code guide is to be cute: conservative, understated, traditional and dressed like everyone else in the organisation. You want to fit in, not stand out for the wrong reasons.

2. Be confident.

Your potential employer/colleagues saw something they liked on your CV, that is why they have invited you to interview. For your part, you have invested time, energy and money to get this far. Now is the time to present the perfect first impression.  Walk talk, smile and shake hands. If it’s too difficult to maintain eye contact, remember to talk to their nose!   This is your moment in the spot light; if you don’t feel confident…pretend it. 

3. Be quality

How you look should reflect the qualities and skill you will bring to the job. You will want to look professional, appropriate, approachable, ordered, reliable, tidy, groomed etc.  Most importantly, the effort you have made with your  appearance will convey just how important this job is to you.

4. Be Knowledge

For most jobs/job interviews a suit is the best investment. A good quality suit that fits well, in an appropriate colour will create a professional image instantly. Your shape, proportions and colouring will influence what works best on you.

a. A curvy shape needs soft tailoring, fluid curvy lines, swirly patterns and curved necklines. Softer fabrics will always look better on curvy shapes

b. Straight shapes will look better in straighter, crisper lines, structured tailoring, and geometric patterns. They can wear both firm and soft fabrics.  (for more information on how to choose what works on you go to www.clothesology.com)

5. Invest

Buy the best you can afford.  This is an investment in your success and future.
Those interviewing you will have decided so much about you before you have even taken your seat.  This will be based purely on appearance. We humans are creature of the eye. So much of what we believe is based on what we see and it takes us less than 7 seconds to come to those decisions. 

 6. Be Prepared

Many of us spend considerable time on preparing for the questions and answers that we hope will arise during the interview. This is of course very important, but we should give equal importance to our personal appearance. You only have one chance at that first impression and you now know how important image is. Also allow plenty of time to get there.  You do not want to arrive late, stressed and flustered.

7. Avoid the “Too’s”

Too short;       skirts, dresses, jumpers, tops
Too low;         no cleavage please
Too tight;
Too high:        shoes
Too noisy;       jewellery
Too Fragrant; perfume, aftershave, body or dental hygiene

8. Do a Wear Trial.

An interview is not the occasion to test run a new outfit.  Preparation in terms of your personal presentation can and should be done well in advance. Try your oufit on the week before your interview. Do the “sit” test.  Test drive the shoes etc

9. Grooming

Allow adequate time to do hands, hair and make-up. Make-up is a must but should be kept to a minimum.  The look should be light and fresh.

10. Why do all of the above?......because

“Many capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply do not look the part” (‘The Psychology of Achievement’ by Brian Tracy)


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