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Applying To Job Adverts.

As we said last month, there are basically only 4 ways of finding a new job:

  • Employment Agencies
  • Adverts in newspapers
  • Online job boards
  • Networking

We covered employment agencies last month, this month it’s replying to adverts.
It used to be acceptable to print off a CV and send it to every job vacancy. That isn’t done now. Well, not by the people who get the jobs anyway!
The trick is to read the job adverts with a highlighter pen in your hand. Highlight any requirements mentioned that apply to you – e.g. good communication skills, advanced Microsoft Office user, etc.


  •  If they are asking for a CV, carefully tailor your CV so that those skills are at the top in the ‘Personal Skills/Achievements’ section. Recruiters are busy people and prefer things to jump out at them. They don’t have time to trawl through hundreds of 3-page CVs. You are more likely to be spotted if you make life easier for them!
  •  If they are asking you to fill in an application form, it is similar. Make sure the skills they are looking for are very clear in the job history and skills sections.

A good covering letter is essential to accompany your application. It conveys your communication skills, spelling & grammar ability and your eagerness for the job. Don’t gush, just say that you are very interested in the job, are enclosing your application form and would love to be granted the opportunity of an interview. Make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect (don’t trust a computer spellchecker!). If in doubt, pop into the centre and we’ll give it the once-over.
If you get an interview, it is good practice to follow it up with a ‘Thank You’ note or email. It doesn’t just show good manners, it helps keep you in mind!
We will look at how to make the most of online job searches next month.

Author: Pitman Training Swords  20/03/2011

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