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5 top tips for the perfect job search in 2019

5 top tips for the perfect job search in 2019


The way that we search for jobs has changed drastically over the last decade, and a lot of that change has happened even in the last five years. If you’ve been happily employed for years and have decided it is time for a change, or have found yourself in a position where you’re needing a new job, it’s likely you’re out of touch with the ways of the modern job search. But don’t worry, we’ve got 5 tips to help you navigate the job search landscape in 2019:

1.Be savvy online

Gone are the days when you’d see a job advert in your local newspaper or in a business’s window. Now pretty much every job search starts online, and so it’s key for modern job seekers to be online too.

It’s also worth considering your personal online presence. When a recruiter receives your CV now, one of the first places they’ll check is online. They’re looking for social media profiles and glimpses into you as a person, so you need to be sure that the person you’re portraying on social media is the one you want recruiters to see! It’s recommended that you set all your social media profiles to private if you don’t want them trawling through EVERYTHING you post, and making sure your profile pictures and the information that isn’t behind privacy settings is ‘employer friendly’ – so no pictures of you with a cocktail in each hand or looking worse for wear!

2.Use LinkedIn for networking

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. It’s been hailed as ‘your online CV’ as it lists your skills, experience and achievements in the same way a CV would, only it’s a profile and you can connect with other professionals and follow companies to see what they’re up to. For that reason, it’s essential for job seekers to use it and ensure it is kept optimised and up to date, as it’s a great way to network with recruiters and peers in the industry you’re hoping to land a job in.

It’s a great way to reach out to potential employers and recruiters with a friendly message to introduce yourself and discuss what opportunities they might have for you, and following companies/professionals in your industry can help you to keep up to date with the changing landscape and see what opportunities are arising.  

3.Keep in touch with existing contacts

While building a new online network using LinkedIn is a great way to find new opportunities, it can also be useful to reach out to existing contacts from past experiences who might have also moved on and be able to introduce you to new roles. Don’t burn any bridges when you leave a job, as you never know when you might want to reconnect with someone and open a new door.

4.Culture is as important as experience in 2019

In this new age of the job search, one of the key things recruiters consider when they look at a candidate is ‘are they a good fit for the company culture?’ It’s just as important that you have the right mentality as the right skill set, so it’s vital that you do your research on the company you’re applying for and determine what their culture is. Are their values aligned with your own? If they are, then be sure to give this some focus in your application. If they’re not, then it is best to walk away.

5.Tailor your application to the role

This isn’t such a new thing, but it’s something that many people still aren’t grasping. The most important part of applying for any job is to ensure you personalise your CV or application to the employer and the job specification. This shows you’re serious about the role, and it helps recruiters immediately see what you have to offer in relation to the job requirements. And in 2019, with a lot of online searches and technology doing the initial groundwork for recruiters, by tailoring your CV to the job role you’re ensuring that the search picks up on the keywords and phrases that are required to be considered a good candidate for the role, before it’s even seen by human eyes. 



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