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How To Prepare Your LinkedIn Page For The Job Search (Without Letting Your Current Employer Know)

How To Prepare Your LinkedIn Page For The Job Search (Without Letting Your Current Employer Know)


There can be little doubt now that the internet has changed the world in which we live. Uber dominate the taxi market, but own no cars. Amazon don’t have many, if any, physical stores around the world. Facebook is a billion-dollar giant in its own right, but creates no actual content of its own.

No wonder, then, that the internet has also changed the game when it comes to recruitment, although it may still seem a little surprising that over 90 per cent of companies use LinkedIn when the time comes for some fresh blood. Nine in ten. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Whether you’re desperately seeking a new job or don’t actually hate your current one, but would jump ship if that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime role ever came up, it’s an absolute no-brainer to use every skill at your disposal to put yourself out there… especially one as free and easy as LinkedIn. The difficulty comes when it comes to keeping schtum… you don’t want to compromise yourself by making it known that you’re looking for a fresh challenge.

So, is there a way you can beef up your LinkedIn presence, and attract the eye of those recruiters, without giving the game away to your employers? There are. Four, actually.

Hey now. You’re an all-star.

If you’ve not followed these simple steps, you’re probably safe. Because not only will prospective employers probably not see your profile… no-one will. Having a complete LinkedIn profile, also known as ‘All-Star’-rated, means you are a remarkable 40 times more likely to be noticed and receive opportunities. It’s easy, too; with seven steps.

  • An up-to-date current position/role and description
  • Two former positions
  • Industry and location
  • Education details
  • A minimum of three skills
  • More than 50 connections
  • And… a profile photo. Say cheese, but keep it professional!

Incredibly, only half of profiles on LinkedIn have followed these steps.

Keep it to yourself!

Before you start with the edits, though, there’s a small but very important trick to avoid broadcasting your intentions to all and sundry (or your connections, at least). Chances are though that they’ll include a number of your current colleagues, and possibly your boss. Normally, every edit you make would show up all over their own feeds. Not the most subtle move.

To avoid this, go into the Settings and Privacy section of your profile and, under the ‘How others see your LinkedIn activity’ section, switch off the ‘Share job changes, education changes and work anniversaries from profile’ tab. Easy – no more chances of an awkward meeting with the boss in the morning.

Do your homework

Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiters for a moment. Many searches begin with a pretty generic search, filtered with keywords, so to give yourself the best chance of being seen, use the relevant keywords for your sector in your profile. To do so, take a bit of time to look at some job postings that catch your eye; which keywords are consistent throughout them all? Simply take them and use them sporadically throughout your profile, especially in your summary, experience and skills sections.

(Another tip… make sure you can actually back them up – this is not the place to boast your skillset in something you know nothing about, because it shows up on a lot of adverts!) Evidence never hurts, either. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s useful endorsement feature, where employers and colleagues can vouch for your skills and knowledge in certain areas.

Put out the feelers… covertly

LinkedIn have your back here. Recently, they rolled out a feature that lets you tell recruiters that you’re looking for a new challenge… privately. To do so;

  • Click ‘Jobs’ in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and select ‘career interests’ from the pop-up box.
  • Highlight what you’re looking for, choosing from options like status, location, job type and title
  • Check the option that says ‘Let recruiters know you’re open’. Recruiters will then see these details for 180 days… and no-one else will know a thing.

Good luck!


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