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Pitman Training have launched a revolutionary new course which has been billed as the 21st century’s answer to shorthand. SpeedWriting teaches writing speeds up to 40 wpm in less than 6 hours – without learning a complicated shorthand system.

Maria Lalor, M.D of Pitman Training Swords, said: “Last year was tough for a lot of people. Businesses had to make cutbacks, which meant many of us were given extra responsibilities and pressures at work – leading to stress and overload.”

“Our new SpeedWriting course offers a way to increase efficiency – in some cases overnight – which makes your workload easier. And it does it without being a burden in itself, because it is quick and easy to learn. Anyone with a good understanding of English can learn it in a matter of hours and become proficient in weeks. We’ve found that SpeedWriting brings dramatic results for people – and gives them confidence. It is also popular with students, who find it a great way to take notes and be able to read them!”

Speedwriting courses are now being offered at Pitman Training’s centre in North Street, Swords, as self-paced courses.

For further information visit www.pitmantrainingswords.ie or contact Pitman Training Swords on 8404075.

For more information please contact: Maria Lalor 01 8404075/0860491097

Further information: Pitman Training Swords opened in 2007 and provides cost-effective training in finance, management, specialist secretarial and soft skills to individuals and organisations. The centre, which is also  FETAC accredited, is part of the worldwide Pitman Training group which is over 170 years old.

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