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Is University not for you?

University is not the only route to career success

University Degree:                                                     

  •  Less than 78% of students complete their degree                     
  • 50% of students that finish their degree get a 1st or a 2:1                     
  • An average degree will take 3 to 4 years
  • On average a student will finish university with a £20,000 debt

Pitman Training Diploma:

  • 95%  of students finish their courses
  • 95%  pass
  • An diploma course can take you 3 months part-time to complete
  • There is a one-off cost of approx £3000 depending which diploma you choose. There are also payment options and Career Development Loans avaliable.

Last year the Joint Council for Qualifications reported a 97% A Level pass rate with 25% of these being an ‘A’ grade. As 14th August approaches, it is anticipated that thousands of young people will get the grades they need to head off to university and pursue their dreams. However 22% are likely to drop out before the end of their second year. This may be due to the financial pressures of university life or living away from home, but many young people opting for a degree which is not career specific become disillusioned and start to question whether it will actually help them gain a good and well-paid job at the end.

A report by recruitment firm Manpower found that only 37% of employers thought that graduates were leaving university with the right skills for the workplace and according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s 2006 Annual Survey, 68% of UK employers find it hard to recruit staff due to a lack of specialist skills. Technology is integral to virtually every modern business and so practical IT and business focused skills are in extremely high demand.

It is fair to say that the majority of employers want people who can add immediate value to their business. If a candidate has a comprehensive range of IT or business focused skills they will be an attractive prospect for a potential employer – in many cases a degree is not the most important factor for an employer. ”

Because Pitman Training qualifications are well-known and well-respected by employers, the vast majority of students go

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