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Why Train As A Secretary?


Why Train As A Secretary?

took a phone call the other day from Emma, a parent enquiring about a course for her daughter, who in spite of graduating from a good university last summer was unable to secure a job in the present climate. Emma’s own mother had insisted that her daughter did a Pitman Secretarial course when she left school as a back-up, she wanted to know if this advice still held good thirty years later.

Emma was surprised to learn that demand for properly trained secretaries remains strong even though the jobs market as a whole is difficult. She thought that everyone had a computer nowadays and that bosses did all their own typing and correspondence. I told her that whilst this may be true in some cases, bosses are also under pressure too. They are more stretched than they used to be and need administrative support to allow them to concentrate on more knowledge-based activities.
Click here to find out why people taking secretarial courses and our diploma level Executive PA course in particular do very well indeed. Many of our former students are now working as Personal Assistants to a range of company directors.
I put this down to two reasons.
Firstly: Recruitment agencies have more applicants than they need.
This allows them to focus on the few who ‘stand out from the crowd’ such as Pitman trained people. Don’t forget that Pitman is still the best recognised name in secretarial training.
The Pitman name stands for practical ability allowing employers to use our qualifications as a bit of an insurance policy. They know that someone who has taken secretarial courses with Pitman will be able to type quickly and accurately, know how to lay out a letter and use the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to a very high level.
Employers also seem to respect the fact that students have put in a lot of hard work (plus quite a bit of money!) to develop advanced secretarial skills. They see candidates as highly motivated people as school leaver Sarah found out.
My Pitman certificates helped me to secure a job as an assistant P.A. after just four weeks of beginning my course. I was told that employers like people with Pitman qualifications. This isn’t just because they think that the standard is good, they know that Pitman students must self-fund their courses and they think that this shows real commitment.”
Secondly: Pressure on a boss’ time
Why have a senior manager type a report at 15 wpm when a secretary can do it four times faster for a quarter of the salary? And just think how much more professional a report prepared by a secretary who has completed a Pitman Secretarial course will be when compared with one prepared by a boss who has managed to fit a one day Ms Word course into her busy schedule.
My reasons for studying for a diploma with Pitman Training Swords must have struck a chord with Claire’s mum as she has made an appointment for her daughter to come and meet with Maria, our course advisor to discuss her options and try out a course for free.
You can do the same. Just call Maria on 01 840 4075 or email her to arrange a call back. Just think you could be starting a new career in less than three months.
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8 February 2012


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