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Mona - A Rising Star In Accounts

 Mona - A Rising Star In Accounts

Some of our students come to us because they are out of work but some are already employed and looking for further skills. Mona was working part-time as an Accounts Assistant when she joined us. She wanted to get more skills & qualifications and deeper knowledge of the whole accounting system. Being good with figures, she knew that better qualifications mean improved job security and better prospects.

She says:

“I really wanted to do Payroll and Sage 50, and after a chat with Maria in the centre and arranging on payments that suited me I started the Accounts Technician Diploma course. In order to get the Diploma I had to start with the Manual Bookkeeping module which I thought will be losing time for me as in my work I was past this but it proved that actually I was wrong!

Doing the Manual Bookkeeping proved to be the missing puzzle pieces that I was lacking in producing and understanding a Trial Balance. Looking at a Trial Balance now after producing the journal posting in the Sage accounts production that I am using in my work I can see the mistakes that a bookkeeper can do when their records have omitted something by mistake.

My understanding and view of accounts is better and I know what a difference good bookkeeping makes to a company. My work in the office improved and it didn’t pass unnoticed and so my office had decided to help me pay the rest of the course!

I am looking forward to finishing all the modules and I know that there is always something new that I could learn, something that maybe I don’t use at the moment or that in my quick previous training I have missed.”

Mona is very happy with her new skills – and so are her employers. We see this a lot, with the initiative coming from the employees and the employers coming on board later on!

You too can mark yourself out as a rising star in your company by taking the initiative yourself and embarking on a Pitman Training course. New skills can make you better (and often quicker) at your job, give you more chance of promotion and better job security. And they can prompt your employers to start taking notice of you!

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