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Why employers love Pitman Graduates



Why employers love Pitman Graduates

Get Wise - The Changing Face of Recruitment

Since the heady days of the “Celtic Tiger” the recruitment process hasn’t changed; what is different now is how employers work through the process.

 Hiring requirement

Pre downturn, over 3 years ago, most vacancies were just keeping up with demand, with employers needed an extra person to cope with being so busy.  This led to reactive employment and a “bums on seats” policy and often you did not have to prove your skills.

Current vacancies often arise through streamlining and the search for efficiencies within businesses.  As a result the whole process of recruiting has changed to a more measured and carefully planned approach.

 Look at the Job Specification

Previously the job specification would include a loose set of general personality traits that employers were looking for.  You needed to be .....good with people, organised, a friendly and welcoming, hard working etc.  How times have changed - now the job specification is very skills orientated; As a candidate now you must have ...... 60 words per minute Keyboard Speed, Advanced Word, Excel and Access skills, great Time Management, effective telephone skills, some accounting knowledge etc.  Helping you to acquire these skills is what Pitman Training do.  As a fully trained Pitman diploma graduate you will have specific skills to a high level, and more important, you will have up to date skills that employers want.

 Look again at your CV

Past job specifications were often vague, and this meant that reviewing CV’s was very subjective with applicants being offered interviews for very mixed reasons.  Often, when jobs were plentiful, just sending in an application would be enough to get you an interview.  Now with over 50 applicants for every role you have to be in the top 10% to get an interview.  Pitman helps you get there by ensuring you not only have the skills employers are looking for; but you have them to a commercial standard.  Put simply, it means you can do the job.  This will put you ahead of other candidates who may have experience but lack formal commercial training to a high standard.  You need to get it right and your CV must have impact early on to impress recruiters.  In the office and administration field, there’s nothing like the impact of a Pitman Training Diploma.

 Interview Process

When you get to the interview stage, it is a must that you have the skills on your CV to backup your answers.  Rather than just saying you are good at Word or Excel, your Pitman certification will tell the employer how good you really are.  It is no longer acceptable to say you can do it or you are quick to pick up new things.  Now it has to be a matter of fact and not just your own opinion of your skills.  Your level of confidence in your abilities will be reflected in the employer’s confidence in you.  If you believe you can do the job, and the employer believes you can do the job, you have a very good chance of getting the job.

 As you progress at every point in the recruitment process you will definitely have the Pitman Advantage.  As a candidate you:

  • Have Real Skills not just theory
  • Have been trained to a high Commercial Standard
  • Possess Specific Skills directly related to the roles you are applying for
  • Have Skills Certification that proves you can do the job
  • Will create a brilliant CV and acquire Interview Skills to help you get the message across

 Getting the Pitman Advantage made a big, big difference in a survey of Pitman Diploma graduates who were looking for work and completed their studies in 2011.  77% are now employed!  Compared to any other training provider that is a great result and proves that employers ‘love’ Pitman Graduates.

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