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Working Life After Kids

Working Life After Kids: How Mums Can Plan Going Back to Work With Confidence

If you are feeling nervous about going back to work after being a stay-at-home mum, it’s completely natural.

Whether you just had a child and want to get straight back in the saddle or have been a stay at home mum for some years now and fancy a change now the kids are older, it is always daunting taking the first steps back into working life. But once you take them, the rest begins to fall into place and your confidence will grow. The following tips will help you get over that first and hardest hurdle:

Rediscover The ‘Working Woman’ Within

One of the most common reasons that mums fear going back to work after being off for extended periods of time is the fear they have lost their ‘working woman’ persona. They feel ‘mumsy’, they know they are good at being a mum, their diary is now filled with play dates instead of important dates, their working wardrobe is full of power tracksuits instead of power suits.

Well it’s time to dust off those heels and get that strong, sassy woman within to come back out. All it takes is having a little faith in yourself. Start refreshing your CV to remind yourself of exactly what you are capable of and have accomplished before.

Think of the person you were before you were a stay at home mum, you haven’t changed, it’s just that the working girl took well deserved and needed backseat so that you could focus on the most important things in your life, your children. But now it’s time to do something for yourself again, it’s time to feel like the strong, independent woman you felt like before.

Give Your Skills a Boost

Many mums feel that because they have been out of the game, their skills will be rusty and they are afraid they will end up sitting in front of a computer screen with no idea where to begin with new software and new responsibilities, etc that have become part of their old role while they were away.

The best way to combat this and give yourself confidence in your own skills is to do a bit of retraining. Take a course to refresh or update your skills such as a Microsoft Office or Technical IT course , or even take a course that relates to your role, e.g. a Medical Secretary course would be perfect for someone who already has experience as a secretary and wants to progress into a higher paid and more exciting variation of their old role. 

Fancy a complete change of scenery and role but don’t have enough of the relevant skills and experience needed for your new ambition? Again, training can fix that and give you the confidence to apply for those exciting new roles with shiny new qualifications to back you up.

Take The First Steps Today!

The longer you put it off, the less confidence you will have in your own ability and the harder it will become to take the plunge. There is no time like the present, so get started on planning your new working life today and you will never look back!


Maria Lalor


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