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Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mum: Excuses For Not Going Back To Work and How Top Overcome Them!
It is completely normal, every mum has been there! But the longer you put it off, the harder it will become, so it is time to throw away your excuses and become proactive in starting the new chapter in your career....
5 Reasons Your CV Is Getting Ignored by Employers
In today's competitive job market, employers and recruitment consultants have task of sifting through literally hundreds of CVs and applications every day. And with only one position available and so many competing for it, how do you avoid your CV getting binned without even a second glance?...
5 Tips For A Smooth Career Change
A career change is already a difficult decision, and the further into your current career you are or the older you get, the more difficult the decision to change career becomes....
How You Can Go Back To Work While Staying Home With The Kids!
In an ideal world, we would all love to get back to work after having time off to have children. But often, the issues of childcare and lack of flexibility with work schedules and employers mean transitioning back into a working parent isn't that easy!...
So You Want To Be An... Office Manager
The Office Manager has the important role of ensuring that everything in the office runs smoothly, overseeing staff training and duties, overall office efficiency and streamlining the company's functions....
5 Tell Tale Signs It's Time For A Career Change
Could your job the reason you are unhappy? Are career woes causing those foul moods and seeping into your personal life? Whether you are returning from an employment break or just don't feel comfortable with your career direction, there are 5 tell tale signs that can indicate when it's time for you to make a clean break and start focusing on a new career path....
So You Want To Be A... Secretary/Administrator
The secretary, also referred to by some companies as the administrator, provides both clerical and administrative support...
Office Support Job Opportunities and Salaries Rise
According to the Bridgewater Recruitment Specialists latest Salary Survey, 2013 saw the continued rise of job opportunities and salaries in the office support sector....
RecruitersCalling Out ForTrained Legal Secretaries
Recruiters in Ireland have recently noticed a phenomenal rise in the demand for talent in legal administration...
CongratulationsTo OurFour Career Training Students
Over the past month we have had four students who undertook legal secretary training with us gain new jobs in their chosen field thanks to their training. Each person had very different motives for seeking a career change and the career training they received through us has helped them all to achieve their own personal career goals today....
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