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More Employers Are Valuing 'Career Training' Over
But even university leavers with honours degrees are coming up against more competition than ever, and many employers are valuing experienced based career training qualifications over others as they prove the candidates have more employable skill sets....
It's NEVER Too Late To Change Career!
Are you stuck in a dead end career you hate or can't find your way back into your previous career after taking some time out? There's no reason to suffer a job you hate for the rest of your working life, in fact here's 5 reasons NOT to.......
How To Get You The Career- Part 3
No matter where you are in life, whether you are a fresh faced young adult just out of school or a 50 something who has always dreamed of bigger and better things, there is no time like the present to get started on your own journey to success....
How To Get You The Career.... Part 2
To climb the career mountain, you need to build up your influence to stand you in good stead as you go. This means doing a little PR. Self promotion may seem pointless once you are safely in the job, but if you ever want to advance you need to make yourself known to those around and above you....
How To Get You The Career Part 1
5 Alternatives To Further Education
Planning For Life After Education?
If you are about to or have just left full time education, be it school, college, or even university, you may be wondering what is next for you?...
Working Life After Kids
Secretaries Have a Blast
Secretaries have come second in a UK poll listing the top 10 happiest workers, topped only by teachers, with 83% saying they loved with their job....
Open Day at Pitman Training Swords
Find out what college life is like at Pitman Training Swords, Wednesday 1st May, 12.00 -7.00 pm....
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