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The Most In Demand Skills in the 2014 Job Market
What to do when switching careers isn't an option
When it comes to complete job satisfaction, more than one fifth of us are not happy within our careers. As a result, we are opting to look for a new and more exciting change. But what if this isn't an option?...
How To Give The Perfect Presentation
Following are some essential tips to help ready yourself in order to deliver the smoothest presentation possible....
Why do you want to work here?
How to answer the number one interview question: Why do you want to work here? Here are some top tips in making your reply stand out in a way where it's not too short, not too generic and as a result it will ensure you don't turn employers away....
How To Stay Ahead in the Job Market
here are some tips on how to boost your chances and stay positive while competing in the job market....
10 Things To Include In Your CV
Employers are inundated every day with hundreds of hopefuls� CVs and job applications, so it can be a real mountain to climb even just to stop your own CV from falling to the bottom of the pile and barely even getting noticed....
Women: How to Take Charge of Your Career Progressi
According to a recent survey by Head and Shoulders, 50% of women let lack of confidence in the workplace hinder their progression, and feel if they were more confident they would be at a higher senior level in their career right now....
10 Clich's To Avoid In Your Resume
To help you navigate the minefield of management speak clich's, here's the 10 most popular clich'd words phrases to avoid at all costs when sprucing your CV:...
More Employers Are Valuing 'Career Training' Over
But even university leavers with honours degrees are coming up against more competition than ever, and many employers are valuing experienced based career training qualifications over others as they prove the candidates have more employable skill sets....
It's NEVER Too Late To Change Career!
Are you stuck in a dead end career you hate or can't find your way back into your previous career after taking some time out? There's no reason to suffer a job you hate for the rest of your working life, in fact here's 5 reasons NOT to.......
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