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How To Find Work That Feels More Like You
Things you perceive as weaknesses in your current role will be strengths in others - probably, in most cases, the one you want....
Finding a Fulfilling Career
Here are some important considerations to take into account as you begin your search for a fulfilling career...
Why Your CV Is Getting Binned And How You Can Change That
Top tip: The person reading your CV will do so for about seven or eight seconds before they decide if you're suitable.............
4 Ways Your CV and LinkedIn Profile Need To Be Different
There are at least 4 ways in which your CV and LinkedIn profile need to differ:...
Congratulations To Students On Their New Jobs! Are You Next?
We are always happy to see our students progress in their new careers, thanks to their determination and our career training and support!...
3 Winning CV Formats For Any Stage Of Your Career
Hiring managers see hundreds of CVs a day, so you need be grabbing their attention from the outset if you’re going to get to that all important interview stage and land yourself that job!...
3 Ways You Can Find a Job Using LinkedIn
Here is how you can use your LinkedIn profile to get your next job:...
5 Things Every Successful Persons CV Has
Successful people tend to have certain things in common and these things are what contributed to them all becoming successful in what they do....
3 Ways To Show Your Achievements And Boost Your Career Success With LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the place to be for those wanting to get a head start in their career. Recruiters and hiring managers are constantly scouring the professional network to find potential candidates...
CV and Interview Skills Workshops
Pitman Training Swords recently held a number of CV and Interview Skills Workshops for students. The workshops were delivered by Carol O’Byrne of Katalis Group....
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